Which One Would You Hit: Rappers At A Basketball Game Edition

- By Bossip Staff

We were a little surprised to see Gucci Mane looking like he’s become reacquainted with the shower at last night’s Hawks/Knicks game in Atlanta.

He almost looked good enough to make us forget about the permanent mark of stupidity on his right cheek.

So we figured we’d ask, out of curiosity since they’ve both bagged some pretty out-of-reach bangers, which one would hit, ladies: Gucci Mane or Fabolous?

Football players Takeo Spikes and Michael Jenkins were also spotted at the game, along with Polow Da Don (still on his grizzly) and Tocarra, who looked a little confused by the whole basketball thing.

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  • purple love

    This may be the cold medicine talking but gucci doesn’t look quite as hideous

    • cmp2010

      lmao yea he does look decent…..still hideous tho

  • kidrebelny

    I wouldn’t let Gucci hit me with a 50 yard stick, but there he doesn’t look like he smells like cheese.

  • UK Sacha

    None of em! They fugly! Look dirty (unclean) too! Eaw!

  • CooCooKitty

    Both these monsters look like they could be twins!!!!

  • Kitty


  • tommykimon

    ewww neither one, they are both busted. gross

  • Judy

    NONE! LMBO I could never wake up to gucci mane face the next morning lol eeeek

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