Greedy, Attention Whoring ‘Victim’ Just Handed “Sticky Fingers” Blo-han Her Defense

- By Bossip Staff

Only in Hollyweird does evidence become a meal ticket.

TMZ reports Lindsay Lohan may have just gotten the best possible break in her grand theft case because the owner of the store she robbed got greedy.

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ she thinks the fact Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance video of her proves what she’s been saying all along … they are just using her to make a quick buck.

As we previously reported, the jewelry store worked with a broker to peddle the tape — despite the fact lawyers for the prosecution asked them not to, fearing it would ruin their case.

Now the tape is out there … and sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels vindicated. Lindsay insists it proves Kamofie & Co. are trying to capitalize on the situation and are motivated entirely by money.

Lindsay hopes the store’s actions will sway public opinion — and the prosecution — to see things her way.

DAMN! This b*tch could even teach Charlie Sheen about winning!!

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  • Blue Moon

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  • jewmane

    Smokescreen! she stole on tape! who cares if da tape was sold. still doesnt change da fact she STOLE ON TAPE!

    • sallyone

      Exactly!! And it was her lawyers that came up with that defense, not her..u idiots!!!!

  • Blessed840402

    Even if they sold the surveillance tapes, that doesn’t change the FACT that she stole something!!!! Who cares if they make extra money off her stupidity, she should have paid for the necklace, she ain’t broke!!! Dumb Rich B***h

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