First Sneak Peek Into Aubrey O’Day’s New Reality Show “All About Aubrey” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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Bet you Diddy gets a check from this too…

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  • ok

    Who is this? Why does she have a reality show? This woman is not an actress so why give her air time. I’ve never even heard of her. Stop with the stupid reality shows!!!

    • MSA

      Aubrey was a part of one of the biggest female girl groups of all time ‘Danity Kane’ and she’s attempting a comeback so that’s an easy way to get a reality show.

    • Alexis

      @MSA “…biggest female girl group of all time”??? I can’t even think of a song. LOL! Anyway, she’s definitely not famous enough for her own show. Another useless white chick on TV. SMH.

    • Illuminate Truth "I'd rather die as a lion than live as a lamb"

      @ ok

      Thanks for asking…hell if I know who she is.


      Thanks for answereing…but I still don’t know who she is.

    • Yeah....OK

      Girl BYE!!!! Danity cane barely made 2 records released maybe 3 songs on both records never went on a world tour EVER!!! DO YOU HAVE THEM CONFUSED WITH THE SPICE GIRLS??? DESTINY CHILD???? BECAUSE THEY BARELY MADE 1 HIT, I DONT THINK THEY EVEN MADE 1!!! You smoking some powerful sht. If this is one of Aubrey’s team, please get a better comeback, cus that sht dont fly honey.

    • Yeah....OK

      And i thought you actually had to be out and doing something memorable to then leave and make a ‘COMEBACK’ to doing it???? i dont think anyone actually remembers what she did in the first place… ? O_o

    • Curious1 aka 2 My Hata's: My Middle Fingers Salute Ya

      MSA…done lost “her/him/’em mind.. ROFLMBAO…LOL..Diddy’s Kane Broads..are the..Best female group of all time…da hayle?? all time..ALL ??? TIME???…Is TIME over ??…Am I dead…??

    • klalov12

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      she still has fans?

  • Iloveit

    ‘no swagger is what gets u laid’ Lol! love Aubrey

  • uhohitslelani

    I’m mad she had ALL that surgery and on top of that gained like 50lbs. That’s horrible

  • Yeah....OK

    GiRRRRrl BYE!!! I came in here just to say that….and #thatisall

  • Trini Sazon

    she should have slept with diddy longer she would have lasted in Danity Kane a little longer

  • Redbonelicious

    Why does everything have to be a ‘reality’ show smh!

    • Yeah....OK

      Right!!!! Bi### just make a comeback, whyyy do we need to see the 6 week process of every dam thing!!! SHEEESH ENOUGH WITH THE REALITY TV!! THESE A@@HOLES JUST WANT A PAYCHECK, CLEARLY WHATEVER SHE PUTS OUT AFTER THIS GARBAGE SHOW IS NOT GOING TO SELL!!!!!!!

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