Weave Be-Gone: Raven-Symoné Goes Au Naturale

- By Bossip Staff

Raven-Symoné, who recently has shed a few pounds, is now even lighter. The actress was seen rockin a short/natural haircut at the Disney”s Dreamer Academy event.

We think the lacefront-and-weave-less look is refreshing, but are y’all feelin it???

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    O wow … wonder hat other celebs look like without their weaves

  • kerry (I'm on a drug...it's called Charlie Sheen)

    She looks gross. WTF?!

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Rock your own hair – stop making the asians richer by buying weaves.

  • TBoston

    Hair’s alright. When did she lose the weight tho? Lemme stop thinking dirtbag thoughts about Olivia smh

  • RogerThat

    She looks nice. Its not the hair that makes you look beautiful. Ugly people with great weaves are still ugly.

  • hunnyBun

    let’s be real, the weave looked better but her body is looking better than ever

  • Charlotte

    Her hair is going to really be cute when it grows out some more. Its kind of Wanda Syke-like right now.

  • Getem

    I think she looks good, just older.

  • rain


  • JustAshley

    I didn’t like the super long weave, but I don’t like this either.

  • Tony

    This broad is a trip! She has too many fat women in her ear. It has only bee a few months since she lost the weight, got some new slim cutie clothes and now she’s cut her hair, gained weight and is back to looking frumpy. Ladies if you want to loose weight stay away from your fat girl friends. They’ll have your azz looking like this. SMH

    • MsFranki

      @Tony You are truly, an ignorant azz! ..Some people should just be seen, and not heard!!

  • jmagic

    CLoser and closer to pulling a WAnda Sykes

  • Daisy Jay

    If she wants to go natural, more power to her, but for HER….she looks better with long, black hair. Don’t start yelling at me about how I think every woman should have long hair because I’m not even like that. But for Raven, this hairstyle is kinda….I don’t know. The shortest I like her hair is a bob. JMO

  • Do more reading

    Man she RICH..She can rock any hairstyle she wants…

    • Ready or Not

      LOL..I was about to typed the same thing….she is a rich B**ch..its cute though…

  • Uguess

    No she looks like that comedian lady can’t think of her name. But black is beautiful.

  • MrsTrevino

    i love it! Whip your hair girl!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!


  • WithAllHonesty


  • suga

    Gotta get used to the short hair on her, but she looks great. She’s a pretty girl.

  • tommykimon

    She looks cute but the her new looks makes her look way older.

  • DubCgal

    The hair is cute, but WTH is she wearing?

  • MariaErica

    Oh wow!!! This is definitely a good look for her. She’s definitely showcasing her natural beauty.


    She just needs to grow it out longer. It’ll look cute once it’s longer and she can pull it back into a big afro pugg. I actually think that will look better than her long black hair.

  • wifey06

    going au natural does mean you have to stay bald-

    She would look great with locks though

    men love women with long hair!!

    butbig ups to ‘doing You”

  • thesaneone

    this is a GOOD look!

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