What The Hell?? Teenage Girl Claims She Was An American Apparel Exec’s Sex Slave

- By Bossip Staff

This isn’t the first time American Apparel has been in the news for its shady ways:

American Apparel founder Dov Charney forced a teen worker in Chelsea to become his sex slave — and celebrated her 18th birthday by sodomizing her, an explosive new lawsuit charges. Irene Morales was only 17 and working as a Manhattan sales clerk for the racy teen retailer in 2007 when her dirty-old-man boss slobbered to her that he wanted them to have sex when she turned 18, according to the stunning, $250 million suit filed yesterday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Then in April 2008, just after the high-schooler’s birthday, Charney pounced, the suit says. The alleged lecher — who in the past had been targeted by a slew of sexual-harassment suits — demanded that the beautiful brunette come to his Manhattan apartment, the suit says. When Morales arrived, Charney answered the door in his underwear — and dragged her inside and forced her to perform oral sex, according to the suit. Morales was then essentially “held prisoner” in the apartment for several hours, during which time he forced her to perform additional sexual acts, the suit says.

The harassment continued until last summer, when Morales was induced to visit Charney, 42, in Los Angeles and “subjected to extreme psychological abuse and torment,” the suit says. Finally, “on the verge of a breakdown,” she quit, the suit says. Morales, the daughter of Venezuelan immigrants, continued toiling at her $10.25-an-hour post because “she needed her job,” said her lawyer, Eric Baum of the Manhattan firm Simon, Eisenberg & Baum.

Morales never went to the cops because she was ashamed and wrongly blamed herself, Baum said. Bizarrely, American Apparel issued a statement that didn’t specifically dispute the charges but instead focused almost entirely on the fact that when she quit Morales had supposedly signed a document suggesting she couldn’t sue the company.
“We are confident that Ms. Morales’ claims will be promptly referred by the court to binding arbitration . . . [and] resolved fully in favor of the company,” the statement said.

Damn, there are so many sick fawks in the world today…if what this young lady is claiming is true, we hope she gets that 250 milli and they send that nasty-son-of-a-b*tch to jail.


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    • Sally

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      demanded she come to his apartment” . . . .uuugh . . . ok. She does have a case though.

  • Denny

    One question, didn’t she know what she was getting her arse into in the first place? i’m not in support of what the pedo did to her but uck sake it seems to me she could have copped out early..


    shes a skank, look at her blouse and hair. tyrna look all innocent. but what the hell is she doing taking promo shots for her case anyway…???

  • 2Sweet

    I’ve heard all kinds of sleezy things about those American Apparel people so I’m not at all surprised. However…if she knew how he wanted to get down why did she go to his apartment in the 1st place?

  • Lola

    Yup I agree with cha, why would she go to his place at the first place? Why didnt she go to cops as soon as he approached her…common now

  • Dwayne Wayne

    ” demanded she come to his apartment” . . . .uuugh . . . ok. She does have a case though.

  • drenk

    wtf did she think he wanted? he said he wanted to f^&k when she turned 18, a retail job isn’t that important, she didn’t have to go to his apartment, throw the case out for stupidity!!!

  • come up

    She knew what she was getting in to. The man was lewd and sexually aggressive towards her before she went to his apartment so what did she think he wanted? A tea party?

  • ms.brilly

    I’m sorry but I’m not really feeling sympathetic. She started working there when she was 17 and it seems like pretty soon after her boss TOLD her his intentions when she turned 18. She didn’t report him then, didn’t go to the cops, didn’t quit, didn’t do anything. She waited until she turned 18 then went to the dudes house. Then, even after everything that happened in the house, she continued to work there for at least 2 years!!!! Get out of here. He probably threatened her with deportation or something but come on, she could have and should have quit.

  • noni

    A former coworker tried to complain EEO and management about our supervisor age 45 grabbing her breast and making obscene calls to her at work phone. 2 days later his twin brother a police officer came to her house with 5 policemen at 11 pm alleging the neighbors called about a barking dog. She didnt have a dog. They told her to quit her job and drop the EEO COMPLAINT or they would kill her. THEY LAUGHED AND SAID CALL THE POLICE AND LEFT. I was in my bedroom by the front door. We shared her deceased parents house I moved in the day BEFORE. I called my Dad and we left that night. MY DAD HAD INSTALLED A COSTCO SECURITY SYSTEM EVERYTHING IS ON TAPE. HE SAID you both QUIT THE JOBS THE JUDGE WILL DISALLOW EVIDENCE WHEN THE POLICE are INVOLVED ONLY RICH PEOPLE GET JUSTICE.

  • if anything be noble

    @ noni- I believe every last word of your story.

  • SouthernGal

    It sounds to me like she was going anyway…..he still needs to be punished but I really think she wanted to but it got a little out of hand…

  • jenene

    I know jobs are hard to come by, but who does all that for a job at American Apparel?
    Sorry but my self-respect (and my honey pot) is worth much more than $10.50 an hour.
    The case will have to settle. He was wrong for coming at her like that, but she was wrong for her participation.

  • Dwayne Wayne

    LADIES ,

    I DEMAND you come to my Apt !

  • BAM


    I support you 100%, and I hope this woman gets justice. There’s a group of people sponsoring American Apparel that are investing millions of dollars to promote pedophilla and corrupt the youth. If the company they are sponsoring is in jeopardy they will try to intimdate you the best way they can. This group also has connects NYPD and tons of money to try and push a settlement on you if you endure the intimdation. Just be careful. American Apparel generates millions of dollars, which is enough money to cover secret operations involving satanism, ritual abuse, and pedophilla with minors. That’s all im gonna say…..

  • BAM

    Why even wear American Apparel. It’s cheap in material and fades quickly.

  • wowzers

    Ummm to the contrary @BAM.I don’t know which american apparel u r speaking of but the american apparel I know happens to be great quality.

  • if anything be noble

    @ Dwayne Wayne, psst I wish you all the best with that one but I think ‘demanding’ only works on non-Black people. You might want to find a recent immigrant or somebody. —- Bossman: I DEMAND that you stay here all weekend. And I DEMAND you eat puppy chow. And shred some demanded gl@ss. Nonblackperson: Can I put it in a bowl? Blackperson: 911… Please come save this man…

  • LEXI

    I’m confused. If he was a perv when she was 17 and basically he told her of his intentions when she turned 18, then why woudl she go to his house?
    Did you think he was just planning a good game of scrabble?
    I’m not blaming her but I guess in some ways I am. Using common sense sometimes can get really get your farther then not using it.

  • pashun fruit

    I thought they got paid more than $10 an hour. Anywho, I’m not calling her a liar, but she willing went everytime he called, she went to his apt in NYC then she went to him LA….she flew across the country even after he supposedly violated her in NYC….this chick & her Venezuelan immigrant parents know WTF their doing. He probably is a creep but she knew that which is why she has this lawsuit, she’s hoping he’ll settle out of court. Well played Chiquita banana

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    She shouldnt have went, but maybe she is just naive

    I wish her the best but $250million dollar lawsuit is a bit much. They will say she is doing it 4 the money & try to discredit her claims

  • BAM


    U must not own enough american apparel to know that they shrink, get faded, and the materials used are not expensive or good guality. It’s the pattern and the semstress skill that makes it look more valuable than it really is. Btw, most of their clothing really takes about $0.08 to $2.00 to make. The brainwashed sheep are just too dumbed down to realize that.

  • Eric

    Jenene, WE will decide if your honey pot is worth $10.50 per hour. It’s not up to you.

  • Racer X

    Well at least she’ll remember what she got for her 18th birthday. I mean look at that pic, you know you would too.

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