Atlanta Club Wants A Restraining Order Against Bron Bron To Keep Him From Partying With The Competition

- By Bossip Staff

You can’t be serious…

We thought LeBron and that fraudulent Dream Team were a bunch of cry babies!

Basketball star LeBron James is taking his talents to one local club, which has left a competing bar feeling stiffed. As a result, the offended club has called out the lawyers.

Atlanta’s Opera nightclub is suing the Miami Heat player and the Gold Room over an appearance James is scheduled to make later this month. A hearing on the request for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction is set for Thursday in Fulton Superior Court.

In a complaint filed Monday, Opera accuses James of reneging on a promise to appear for one hour on March 17, for which he was to be paid $25,000, or $417 a minute.

James, who last summer infamously jilted his longtime team the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Heat, will be in town the night before Miami is scheduled to play the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena.

The Opera Nightclub said in its suit if the Midtown Atlanta bar can’t have him — at least on that night — no one should, especially the Gold Room on Piedmont Avenue.

“We want to make sure LeBron doesn’t show up any place else,” Yasha Heidari, the attorney for the Opera, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday.

The conflict arose when James’ agent said a competing club, the Gold Room, was also pursuing him for a special appearance. The suit claims James’ agent and his company Awesomelife, took a $12,500 deposit on Jan.11 and then returned a copy of the agreement to the Opera Nightclub.

Then on Feb. 19, the agent told the Opera Nightclub James “did not want to make the appearance” but no reason was given.

Three days later, the agent told the Opera Nightclub the Gold Room was trying to get James to renege on his agreement with the Opera Nightclub and he needed $6,000 to ensure that didn’t happen.

The agent accepted $3,000 more and a second agreement was written.

On March 4, the agent told the Opera James was not coming and would be at the Gold Room instead.

“Opera has the utmost respect for LeBron James and his teammates,” attorney Heidari said. “This action isn’t so much about James as it is about his agent, Chubbie Baby, engaging in improper business practices… Opera is merely being proactive.”

A phone number for Awesomelife could not be found so the agent could not be reached for comment.

Heidari said the club had already begun advertising James’ appearance from 12:30 a.m. until 1:30 a.m. at Opera on Crescent Avenue. In that hour, he was to “meet and greet” guests and sponsors in the VIP section, and then say a few words from the stage.

“Opera has made a significant investment into the promotion and advertising of this special event,” Heidari said.

The agent offered to refund the $15,500 that had been paid up front but Opera declined to take it.

“Opera fully expects its talent and agents to honor their commitments,” Heidari said. “Opera’s party on Thursday, March 17th is no exception.

The suit says James’ “reputation is crucial to conducting … business at Opera and the public has an expectation that defendant James will appear at Opera.” The suit says Opera would suffer “irreparable injury, loss and damage” if James appears at the Gold Room, located at the site of the former Gold Club at Piedmont Road and Lindbergh Drive.

Opera said James is in breach of contract and the nightclub wants to be reimbursed for all its costs, including legal expenses, for this appearance.

a) Celebrities fail to appear at nightclubs on a regular basis. We know for a fact it’s happened at Opera Nightclub before, and that hasn’t affected their reputation at all: fans just assume the celeb or promoter flaked, not the club.

b) How you gonna sue for your money back, when you were offered a refund on your deposit and didn’t accept it? (And, we don’t know what kind of promotions money they’ve spent, but this suit is the first our Atlanta staff is hearing about a LeBron party at Opera.)

c) If he was only supposed to be there for an hour, how you gonna seek an injunction preventing him to go somewhere else? He was probably gonna end up at the Gold Room anyway!

This whole lawsuit is a promotions stunt/attention whoring fail.


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    i just wanna know if there was more crying in the locker room last night

    • kferad

      I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

      ___________blackwhitedate.c-/0m ____________

      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

      If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

  • 7lady

    Well why can’t he just go to opera for the 1hour and get that couple dollars and then head to gold room? Gold room be jumpin…i don’t blame him for changin his mind.

  • rip NAT TURNER



    I’M sure his personal affairs are in good hands.

  • Princess

    I love the Heat!!!!!!! We will be the last ones standing!!!!

    • jmagic

      of course you will,because they will be in shock when they lose to 76r’s

  • Get Real

    This just goes to show you that basketball is not priority to this fool. Why are you on the road for a game but at a damn night club.

  • funni

    Lmao at everybody hating on LeBron. Last time I checked he averaging around the same numbers as last year and he’s been the Heat’s most consistent player. So all you haters need to H.O.D

  • exact

    this boi is OLD NEWSSSS!! who give a flying FUK about him anymore??? snooooz

  • Loveme23

    I cosign with funni! Heat all day baby:).

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