Random Ridiculousness: Man Stabs Someone While In The Chair At Barbershop With Scissors, Has Half-Afro In Mug Shot

- By Bossip Staff

WTF is really good with people these days:

A 21-year-old man sitting down for a haircut allegedly grabbed scissors and slashed another in the back Tuesday in the South End, police said.
David Davis, of Cedar Hill Avenue, New Haven, was arrested shortly after the incident when Stamford patrol officers and a police dog found him in a nearby Henry Street apartment. Officers took him into custody when they initially found he was wanted on a warrant for failing to appear in court and later charged him in the stabbing after an investigation, Stamford Police Capt. Richard Conklin said.

The victim, identified as a 21-year-old Stamford man, was taken to Stamford Hospital to receive treatment for his wound. Davis is being held on $5,000 bond and is due in court March 22. In a statement, police said Davis was getting a haircut at 126 Henry St. when the victim approached in what Davis called an “aggressive manner,” so he picked up scissors to protect himself. Davis slashed the man in the back, police said. Stamford Police Lt. James Matheny said the victim was wearing a heavy coat when he was stabbed so it was difficult to say whether the wounds were serious. He said there was a considerable amount of blood on the man’s clothing.

Shortly after the stabbing, yellow police tape cordoned off the sidewalk of 124 and 126 Henry Street as residents remained on the sidewalk. Some yelled at police officers, saying officers searched their homes without a warrant. Police officials at the scene said the door of 124 Henry St. had been open when they spotted Davis. Authorities also received an anonymous phone call that the stabbing suspect was in the home, police said.

LMAO at ole boy’s afro in the mug shot. That ish is classic.


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  • Sally

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    Authorities also received an anonymous phone call that the stabbing suspect was in the home, police said.

  • hellolove

    Smh at this mess! Who does that clearly he has issues!

  • Do more reading

    The other side still looks braided, not cut…

  • Cici

    2 prisoners bishes cutting up each other! Get stitched up and go bail out your sweetie!

  • Peppa

    My question is why did the barber allow the person to approach him in an aggressive manner, if that’s the case. I swear I am so glad my brothers are man enough to not need to be around thugs and ghetto guys to feel like a man.

  • Mrs. Rance

    The door was open and they saw him huh? Shady azz cops.

  • CaramelCat

    SMDH he is kinda cute tho. What a waste.

  • Africanking

    Why are American police so weak? Why don’t they shoot to kill? Everytime I hear about someone being robbed and an arrest being issued, I would just shake my head? Why arrest them and not just shoot them to kill? Shoot his homies and family too if they are protecting him. I wish I was a cop.

    • Alwaystrue

      I’m just glad you’re not a cop!!!

    • dnttrip


  • if anything be noble

    That’s messed up. The cops should’ve braided the rest of his head before that mugshot.

    • trini2dbone


  • Alwaystrue

    He could have at least waited untill his head was done!!!

  • Pretty Brown Eyes

    this dude looks like lloyd banks long lost brother

  • *MrsTrevino*

    LMMFAO! I died when i saw this mugshot

  • Trini Sazon

    thats someones child …how sad



  • ok

    Who cares about his hair. He just stabbed someone over nothing. People need to start condemning these acts of violence and irrational behavior.

  • yes

    This happen in Connecticut…smh…people are getting crazier each day

  • Damn*Homie

    He looks like Lloyd Banks a little…

  • tommykimon

    I seen this on Good Morning America and yes dudes hair is half braided not cut.

  • Mabel

    Getting attended to is such a relaxing experience, I have to wonder the state of his mind to have such anger in him at a time like that. So many ppl with undocumented mental illnesses, and with all the kids on psych drugs there will be a new generation of crazies to deal with.

  • kreole king

    I knew some idiot female on here was gonna skip the fact that he stabbed some one and talk about him being cute, lol.

    Sad Sad Sad sistahs

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