Jesus Take The Wheel: Fire Kills 7 Kids While Their Dad Sleeps And Their Mom Milks Cows

- By Bossip Staff

There’s no way something like this should still happen in these United States.

Seven children died in a fire at a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania while their parents were elsewhere, state police said Wednesday morning.

The children — ages 7 months to 11 years — died Tuesday night when the fire fully engulfed the Mennonite family’s two-story house in Loysville, about 25 miles northwest of Harrisburg, Tom Pinkerton of the state police said.

The parents, who were outside the house at the time of the fire, survived, as did another child, he said.

The father was taking a nap in his milk truck after making a few stops along his delivery route, Pinkerton said. The mother was milking cows in the barn.

“While mom’s milking cows, her 3-year-old daughter comes running into the barn and the 3-year-old tells the mother that there’s smoke inside the house,” Pinkerton said. “Mom leaves the barn, comes running out, sees that the house appears to be on fire.”

The mother went to two neighbors’ houses before she could get someone to call 911, he said. She then found her husband sleeping in his milk truck and they rushed back to the home to find their home engulfed in flames and firefighters trying to put out the blaze.

The children — six girls and a boy — were found dead inside the house.

SMH. Those poor babies.


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  • wannabene

    This sound fishy as Hell they need to really look in to this…

  • ebonyblone

    This is sad…but I agree sumthn isn’t right….

  • SouthernGal

    On some real ish, this sounds planned….I mean, first of all I wouldnt have left that many kids under the age of 11 in the house alone….and who takes a nap in the truck outside when you can go in the house and lay down…..AND a real mother would have been running in the burning house to get her kids, not running to the neighbors house to call 911… sad

  • BEG

    I don’t know my first instinct as a parent(I am a momma) would have been to run in the house and get my kids…then try to call the fire dept. One of those parents should have ran in that house…I’m jus sayin there is no way I wouldn’t risk my own life or die trying to save my babies.

  • 7lady

    I agree something definitely is not right. But I’ve heard that the smoke and the heat usually stops people dead in their tracks. That thick smoke immediately fills your lungs and burns your eyes that you instinctively run back outside. So sad those babies had to go like that.

  • plaidninja


  • Mabel

    I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. I cannot even begin to imagine this horror. May their prayers, faith and love of their family and friends keep them.

  • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    I would have died trying to get my children out.


    The mother did try to get the children out and but the smoke and fire was at the door and then she ran to the neighbors house. This fire happened about seven in the morning. Its very sad to see seven sheets laying on the ground

  • DC204

    So sad, I would of ran into that house even if the fire was at the front door. My kids are “everything” to me, and to not try is something I could NEVER live with. WTF, why didn’t the dad try to save them? R.I.P. 7 angels now in heaven.

    • XYZ

      Ur idiot god didnt give a damm when those “angels” burnt, get real…

  • XYZ

    7 kids and mom milking cow… Its good they all died, they were candidates for eugenics, gimme a break…

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