Neverending Careers: People That Just Can’t Call It Quits

- By Bossip Staff

Quitting can be difficult especially if someone was once a big-time celebrity. It’s hard to say goodbye to the riches and fame. That’s why these people keep coming back despite the fact they should have quit the first (or second) times around.

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    i dont mind swirling. but that picture looks off. i hope his kids dont do the whole ” tiger woods thing”.?

  • ShortStuff

    And half of these people you named I barely hear anything about except for Jay-Z and Kim’s old a s s…

  • Monica

    J-LO needs to be on that list!!!

  • Iyan

    We all know he needs to keep kicking down them alimony and child support payments. It was cheaper to keep her Tiki.

  • Iyan

    Tiki wants to come back because he saw how much fun his brother was having? Ok. We know you want back in for the money. Now, Bret Favre, over stayed his welcome, Tiki punked out early. Tiki want back, put in some work and make up for the silly choice you made to retire.

  • Candid Canuck

    Tiki is a fool to let that beautiful Korean ting go… and for a average becky? SMDH

  • Livy

    Thought this cat was miserly and drove an old truck and all that. Pippen has like 13 kids, and he’s chillin’. I don’t get it.

  • johnny_wishbone

    kim killed nikki on black friday.. the master DESTROYED the student

  • sunny79

    Where the Hell is Brandy and Ray J’s arse?!!?

  • sisredredbone

    I’m sure that divorce is going to be pretty costly which is why Tiki oldtiredarse is coming out of retirement.

  • klalov12

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  • Sally

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    I’m sure that divorce is going to be pretty costly which is why Tiki oldtiredarse is coming out of retirement.

  • celine

    love kim ! team kim all day!

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