Rih Rih Disses ‘Bodyguard’ Remake… ‘I Hate When Singers Do Singing Movies’

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t blame crotch-slinging, non-singing Rih Rih for nixing the opportunity to star in this unnecessary remake.

However, we’re quite surprised by her disrespectful remarks towards Whitney Houston, who is ten times the singer she’ll ever be.

When asked by OK! Magazine if she would like to be considered for the role, since the studio wants to go with a younger actress, Rihanna stated, “Absolutely not.”

Her first acting role in Peter Berg’s film, ‘Battleship,’ is scheduled for release in 2012, and while her character has yet to described by the studio, judging by her statements, she won’t be doing what singer Fergie did on ‘Poseidon,’ which is play a singer. ‘Battleship’ takes place across the seas, over the skies and land in a battle for planet survival against a superior force.

Unlike some of her peers who have found success on film using their trade as part of their character, the 23 year-old Grammy winner thinks differently.

“I want to separate the two,” she told the gossip tabloid. “I hate it when singers do singing movies all the time because you can never look at them as anybody else… I want to play a character… My whole life is playing Rihanna. Being a singer (in a film) won’t be a stretch for me. I like challenges and being an actor is playing a role, being able to step into somebody else’s shoes, that’s the excitement.”

Really Rihanna? Being a singer isn’t a stretch for you?? SMH


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