Kings Fall Apart: LeBron James’ Most WTF Moments

- By Bossip Staff

Face it, kids: Lil Bron and The Eastside Boyz suck this year. Everybody thought they were going to win eitghtyleven games and win the championship without breaking a sweat. Well, now that they’ve lost five in a row and look to be getting bounced early in the playoffs, Magic Bron Juan and his teammates are allegedly crying in the locker room.

Though that story is bizarre, it’s not the first WTF moment in LeBron’s wild career.

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  • Whoa


    his ring comin soon tho

  • nymphis

    todo que brilla no es oro!

    • Nad

      pobresito pero se la busco el mismo :/, el que si le tengo lastima es a wade, el solo quieria ganar menos el drama de lequeen jeje

  • destiny

    black &silver!!!!!!

  • Hi HO!

    Even tho the season is not over it’s still alot of time but by the way they was talking they don’t have the bench leader or hunger to even compete let along tryna win a chip. That’s what they get for talking all that crap in the summer how they was gonna beat tha bulls records and drive thru the playoffs and win a championship. Yea right! It’s all about the Lakershow Letssss Goooooo!!! Lakers

  • Hi HO!

    And he ain’t no damm King! King Of Crying…

  • Nymphis

    Lebron “and we ain’t talkin bout winnin 2 championships.we talkin”


  • keebler mf elf

    people talking all that sh it about Lebron, but he had to go to Miami if he wanted a good chance to compete! Look at the Knicks now, like I said he need to go to the Heat!

  • sportstalk23

    Is the Cryami Big Three still winning bwhahahaha, and crying after regular season games really, worse is the coach diming the team out. All bytch behavior should be keep in the locker room. All that hoppin around they did and from the media it was like look Jordan’s Bulls that 72-10 won’t have shyt on us lol. That’s what separated Jordan, Bird, Magic, Zeke, even Kobe who I detest is will and leadership. Lebron annointed himself King, wants to be like Mike um no MJ had a will of steel andf he would have taken over, and made the clutch shots. With the Heat its like um ok who is going to win the game for us tonight, Bosh Spice,Wade aka Fade,or Lebrick.

  • T.C.

    Damm Homie! You use to be the man Homie! WTF happen to you?

  • Kenedy

    I like pic # 4….cause in it you can see his teammate there, who will jump his mom’s bones in the future…hehehe

  • Troi Dustin

    This was a good article. I never knew about him cursing out his mom, court side. Also never knew about that terrible magazine cover. SMH really hard.

  • Jazz

    so dont nobody in the entire NBA wear 23


    Miami is full of kikes and spix. They are so racist, nobody wants to buy houses there. LOL Their economy is going in the toilet. LOL They only act nice to tourists in South Beach. BUT DON’T BECOME A LOCAL OR YOU’LL REGRET IT. ASK LEBRON HE HE

  • white male

    they’ll be alright, Haslem was going to be their 4th best player and he got hurt for the year

  • imcafeaulait

    exactly! lol!

  • FridaySpecial

    They’ll be making the play offs but from the looks of it they wont be winning. You have Boston and Chi, and lets all admit OVERALL they both are better than the heat. Yall must think they can switch out of their funk and find ways of beating these super power teams, nope. They are not the Lakers who lose games on purpose.
    Either the Boston, or Chi.
    Either The Spurs or Lakers.


    lol @ Bron’s MOM.. WTF?

  • Veronica McKinney

    Aww, I like LeBron!

    poor baby

  • http://kitashah kita shah (lovely hair)

    get over it boys and i’ll follow back


    When he will have his game back, you will be all up in his a%% again. SMH

    Keep your head up, Lebron, you’ll get through his.

  • Beautiful

    Follow @bellydc

    For the best music of SE DC!

  • satch

    if you knew something about b-ball you would know they need more pieces.stop letting the media tell you what to do,think,believe= see tattoos effing following fools

  • gerard

    king of cry baby’s. Wahhhh

  • alf

    There’s no crying in basketball!

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