New Couple?? Dame Dash’s Ex-Wife Rachel Roy And Indianapolis Colts’ Dwight Freeney Seen Looking “Cozy”

- By Bossip Staff


Beautiful designer Rachel Roy may be working on a new romance — she’s been spotted dining with Indianapolis Colt defensive end Dwight Freeney. They were seen in late February celebrating his birthday at Abe & Arthur’s and then partying late at Covet and looking cozy dining at Beauty & Essex on Wednesday night. Roy, who’s been collaborating on a range of women’s wear with Amar’e Stoudemire, is estranged from her ex, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash. A friend said, “Rachel and Dwight have been out for a few dinners and get on well, but it is early days.” Her rep declined to comment.

We know she has to move on and all, but we wonder how Dame feels about this one.


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  • Nana

    I love her clothes, very talented designer!

    • kferad

      I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

      ___________blackwhitedate.c-/0m ____________

      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

      If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!




  • jay

    Good for her!! Dame treated her like second best crap for years!! She is simply Beautiful and so Talented. She deserves some Goodness!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Who gives a damn how Dame feels? My question is why aren’t they divorced? Have they filed? Good luck to her hitching her horse to yet another man with unlimited access to groupies. I guess as long as he has money its all good.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Good luck with that. When are they getting divorced?

  • eric

    so when a black man is down then he is not wanted by a black woman,how come shes not sticking around dame dash,wow black women chk!

    • tyrone

      This woman is not black or african american. She is a non-black woman of color.

  • tyrone

    This woman is gorgeous: beautiful skin , long black real hair and in shape. Black men , particularly famous and/or rich black men , have it made when it comes to women , not just black women –all women.They are truly the most physically desired man in this country.

    On the other hand , it is a sad unfortunate situation for most black women.There is a shortage of black men.A significant number of famous and/or rich men do not involve themselves with black women. And most non-black men are not interested in black women.This is why 70% of black adult females in this country are not married. Truly sad and very destructive to the increasingly nonexistent black family.

    • Sneezy

      Rich and famous men of all colors can get any beautiful woman. Poor men of all colors can get women of all colors although the women may be less beautiful in some cases.

  • 7lady

    That’s true Tyrone. You can be a good girl too. Not loud, submissive, catering, in shape, real hair, pretty but if your a pure black woman they still will prefer a mixed girl, latina, or white woman over you. Chilli is cute and successful but he don’t want that chocolate he want that latina. But chilli do got issues though lol! It’s sad man.

    • tyrone

      The problem is unconscious and conscious self hatred. American society has taught the African american to hate him or herself.This self hatred is manifested romantically by the increasingly unappealing black woman when in fact she is just as if not more attractive than the non black women.

  • Juliemango

    This woman is beautiful she is def. A prize to black men facts are facts i agree with tyrones comment!!!!

  • hi yall

    with so many ethnic groups mixing and having kids eventually the african american women will die off. The “one drop rule will no longer exist…u have “mix” people having kids with other “mix” people.etc etc.There will be a new race of mix people (to tell you the truth we already have a new race) and “black women” will no longer have to worry about any man wanting her because everyone will be mix.

    • Red Girl

      Not sure I agree, but…don’t you mean no more african american people? You don’t have to worry about only the black women being the ones to “die off”. You won’t have black men without black women, wouldn’t last more than a couple generations at the most if that were the case. LOL, I just thought that was a funny comment.

  • big c

    u need to be in hell with your father the devil have fun .

  • beautyisbeauty

    Tyrone, Its good you have high self- esteem, but to be honest i don’t see a lot of men of different races that have to comment on how desired they are in the world. In the real world a lot of these asian, latina and indian women are trying hard to date white guys from what i see especially asian women. But whatever dude.. I think wealth is the only factor because people from other races teach their kids negative things about blackmen and black people. Personally i dont care too much about other races i love my own race and heritage. Maybe you should start being around blackmen that only date white women or nonblack women and at some point you are gonna start being annoyed and disgusted. It worked for me cuz none of my sister married black men and they would perfer me to marry a white man and im good on that.. when self hate is shoved in your face you see how pitiful and ridiculous it is…

    • SoBlessed2BMe

      ………tell the truth BiB.

      You hit it right on target.

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    I love #93!1

  • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

    Actually Tyrone I don’t get what you are saying. Black men are no more desired than other races of men. Seeing as how Black men AS A GROUP do not date out that much. Granted Black men ESP compared to other races of men INTERMARRY the least. White and Latino men intermarry at a much HIGHER rate than Black men. However, wealth is a factor. Many of these non-Black women who would never give a Black man “the time of day” would ONLY do so if they had money. This chick is just jumping from one rich Black man to another. Because these non-Black women have found easier targets in Black men than White men. Rich White men are VERY particular about WHO they date/marry. For most rich White men she must come from the right background, family, and her she must come from MONEY herself and BE WHITE. But again because of Black mens self-hatred they don’t care how these other races of women see them. They don’t care that they are being exploited. They are just “happy” that a non-Black woman is interested in THEM. And they feel VALIDATED!!

    • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

      And lets get something CLEAR. Many if not most of these non-Black women WOULD NOT be interested in these Black men without there money. Black Americans DON’T intermarry THAT MUCH!! Even Black men. Again many of these non-Black women have found an easier target in RICH BLACK MEN!!

    • Sydney

      So true BoomBoomRoom.

  • DivisionAvenue

    @7lady im sorry about yesterday i was just bored and needed somebody to mess with lol u cool

  • A Mess wants to know, where is her comment?

    @ Tyrone, when black women cease to exist then so will these black men that you put on a pedestal that is desired by so many. I will leave you to your thoughts.

    The murder rate for African American men is high and I’m talking about NY only. Black men are extinguishing themselves without help from anyone else.

    Perhaps if he had treated her right during the marriage and not carried on like a single man, then she would still be by his side.

  • southern twist

    I meant tyrone

  • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

    Non-Black women AS A GROUP are not interested in Black men EITHER. AGAIN, GRANTED BLACK MEN do better in IR dating than Black women. But there IR dating/ marriages rates aren’t that high either. Stats will show that and many many studies have been done to show that AS WELL. Rich Black men can date out of there race and the women will tend to be MORE attractive. Poor Black man CAN DATE OUT TOO YES but the women tend to be less attractive and come from less appealing “backgrounds.”

  • southern twist

    Thank you broom broom and this tyrone don’t see what he says validates what you said ” famous black men rich also have it made” he’s pretty much saying to get these women you have to be famous and rich….other wise they would not look your way.. How sad is that

    • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

      Tyrone is saying everything that I am saying. And I agree with a lot of what Tyrone is saying. Only Tyrone is MISTAKEN in believing that Black men as a group ARE “SO SOUGHT” AFTER even moreso than other races of men. WHICH IS NOT THE CASE!! Many of these White/other races of women have found a “niche” in dating RICH, MONEYED Black men. Because rich Black men are easier to date than White men. And AGAIN RICH, MONEYED White men are VERY VERY particular about who they date/marry.

  • southern twist


    um don’t believe the hype there are alot of white celebrities without mates Jen anniston, Kate Hudson Paula abdol etc look at e harmony stop being brainwashed

  • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

    As in the case of OJ, Kobe, and Montel. Rich White men DON’T date/marry cocktail waitresses, strippers, high-school drop-outs, nannies etc. Even if the women are GORGEOUS. To marry a rich White man you have to be ACCOMPLISHED yourself. You have to come from the “right” background, and MOST rich White men marry White women. Now there is a SMALL minority of them marrying Asian women. But the vast majority of them are with White women. Only Black men and there SELF-HATE marry poor women of other races. EVEN WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE TOO. They just feel validated in having a woman of another race LIKE THEM!!

  • JustAshley

    She’s very pretty. He’s…..alright. I kinda like my men with necks though.

  • innovatoor09

    This is a truly sad dicussion. People really need to educate themselves.

  • 7lady

    @BoomBoom you are making some very good points. That’s true..when they hav money the women are nice looking. But when poor those women are overweight and unattractive. Or slim and look dirty like they on meth.
    @Southern I’m not brainwashed I’m going by what I see. And I agree with alot of what Tyrone said. But Boom has enlightend me to him sayn the black man is desired. No the black man WITH MONEY is desired.

    Hey Division…u did hurt my feelings yesterday. I forgive u though lol!



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