Does Monyetta Got A Gut Full Of Shaffer…. AGAIN???

- By Bossip Staff

Is it time for Ne-Yo’s favorite beard baby-carrier Monyetta Shaw to tote another gut full of suspect spermination?

Rumor has it that Shaw, who is known mostly for “dating” a gang of celebrities is pregnant with Ne-Yo’s second child.

Four months after giving birth to a premature baby girl, local Atlanta Socialite Monyetta Shaw is expecting again.

This will be the second child for Shaw and R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, who are proud parents of Madilyn Grace Smith. Ne-Yo is hoping for a boy this time, according to a source close to Ne-Yo’s camp.

Ne-Yo has gone on record before saying that Monyetta is not his girlfriend — just a friend who understands he can’t commit and “doesn’t care” about other women.

This is clearly a pay for play situation to provide a gay man with children and help with his — ahem–image. We can’t knock his hustle — and we’re sure he’s a great dad.


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  • uku

    Congrats…i hope they have a healthy baby.

  • ShortStuff

    Ya’ll forever calling this man gay…..but @topic- if this is true, whats the rush?? Is the little girl even a year yet??

  • xedos

    Dam neyo thats what you call a green tripe. could not even let the other baby stop brest feeding.

  • Soul Touch

    What ever works for you. Congrats to them both.

  • chrissy

    They look like brother n sister….

    • AMBER


  • Chill

    whatever, he’s still gay

  • ant

    Dang didnt she just have a c-section? after mine my doc suggested for me not to get pregnant for at least a year so my body can heal and i had my baby 4 monts ago

  • Trini Sazon

    so there not married , Neyo doesnt even claim there dating but there on baby number two four months after given birth to their first?

    • Trisha

      He doesn’t claim her, she’s alright with that ok this clearly shows she’s having another one to double those child support checks!

  • Mabel

    She’ll destroy her body, and I am not speaking on the outside, on the inside. By the time she hits 35 she’ll probably be incontinent.

  • Booni Givonni on FB

    who cares! whn they snag someone with cheddar they become baby makn machines!/boonigiovonni




  • Daisy Jay

    You’re having your “friend’s” child? You’re having his child knowing that he “can’t” commit to you? What’s up with birds these days?

    I will forever believe that nobody should have a child out of wedlock, but as long as their parents raise the children together… *shrug* Whatever floats their boat and keeps the family from being disfunctional……. Congrats? o.O

  • Reesee

    Wtf is a Monyetta? Atleast they managed to name the first child something decent.

  • Kayla

    Damn he didn’t even give the girl time to heal from the first child. They must have been at it.

  • KN.RN

    Really? I mean she should’ve at least given her body time to heal…wait until the child was atleast 6months. lol

  • YourDelusional01

    I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again: Black men don’t have any qualms about who they lay down with! They look like twins, and to boot, he won’t even claim her! I suppose lifestyle is more important than having pride!! SAD… I hope if I ‘ever’ have children, I will raise my daughter to feel that she’s special enough to get the ring and the man, and be with someone that respects her! Women: Get some pride, what is it to have ALL the riches in the world, but to lose your soul???

  • Quiwei

    I don’t understand these women that excepts that their man is bi-sexual.

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