A “Lil Positivity”: Twins Sisters Give Birth To Healthy Babies On The Same Day At The Same Hospital

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Some morning preciousness:

The special bond between an Indianapolis pair of twin sisters is now even more extraordinary after they delivered babies on the same day at the same hospital. Charron and Chardee Hampton, both 22, had two baby girls born just more than two hours apart, 6News’ Ericka Flye reported. “I think it’s pretty exciting, and it’s rare, too,” Chardee Hampton said.

Charron Hampton was past her due date, so she went to St. Vincent Women’s Hospital to be induced earlier this week. A short time later, Chardee Hampton rushed to the same hospital after she went into labor. “Two hours after my sister was induced, I started feeling it real bad,” Chardee Hampton said. The sisters’ delivery rooms were right across the hall from each other.

“My mom had the camera, and she’s trying to run and show Chardee as she’s about to push. So, it was crazy. My mom was so excited,” said Charron Hampton. The story of similarities doesn’t end there. Both babies are 21 inches long, and both were born in a position not common for deliveries.

“Around 5 percent of babies are born face up, and it just so happens that both of us had babies that were face up,” said Charron Hampton. Charron named her daughter Chanise Amari Monroe. Chardee named her daughter Trinity Dominick Brown. Both mothers said their daughters will spend their first birthday together, and they’re already planning to throw them a special party.

They’re happy their babies will grow up together, because from the time Charron and Chardee were babies, they’ve been close, and the twins are used to sharing a common bond. “We find ourselves always around each other, it just so happens,” Charron Hampton said. “We definitely finish each others’ sentences sometimes,” said Chardee Hampton.

The sisters are both engaged. They’re contemplating sharing their wedding day, too. “I think hers will happen before mine,” said Chardee Hampton. “Well, you never know,” Charron Hampton responded.

SMH. They definitely need to have separate wedding days!


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