Fawked Up Mother Of The Day: No Bail For Woman Who Ate Pizza While Her 3-Year-Old Son Was Dying

- By Bossip Staff

And all of this because that poor baby wet his pants:

An Orange County judge ruled today that a woman whom deputies say participated in the abuse of her young son and ate pizza as he lay dying must stay in jail without bail.

Robin Greinke, 26, and her boyfriend, Steven Neil, 33, were arrested Thursday. The two face charges of aggravated child abuse, child neglect and first-degree murder in the death of Greinke’s 3-year-old son, Noah Fake.

Greinke said little in her short initial appearance before the judge at the Orange County jail this morning. She had been scheduled to appear before a judge on Friday, but was under suicide watch and unable to appear. Neil was denied bond at his Friday appearance. The two have been ordered not to be in contact with one another.

Orange County investigators said Greinke poked her son in the chest, pinched his cheeks and kicked him on Monday night. Neil also kicked the boy, and slammed him repeatedly into the floor and rammed him headfirst into a wooden sofa frame.

Greinke and Neil ate pizza after beating the boy. They called for help on Tuesday morning when they found him unresponsive. They also conspired to tell investigators that the boy had experienced a seizure and could have died from meningitis or that his injuries had come from a fall.

The two later admitted to deputies that they had been punishing the boy because he wet his pants.


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  • WTH!!??!!??

    Useless excuse of a human… RIP baby boy..

  • ggproffit

    That’s just sad man. I can’t get over some of the mothers they have on this jank.

  • Shauna

    they have a special place in hell for them

  • kg

    life sentences!!!

  • TheBarberLady

    Okay so where is “I Am Legend”????? He’s usually here to blame all of Black Humanity for crap like this?? Where is he, now???

  • *MrsTrevino*

    Lord have mercy! I hope they both fry for this.

  • *MrsTrevino*

    Lord have mercy! I hope they fry for this

  • emma y tété

    These people are just insane wow! How could a mothr do such a freaking thing woooow, shes no mother at all

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    This is why the death penalty should be in place. Anyone who sexually/physically abuses a child should be put to death, but only after these animals suffer the same crimes they’ve inflicted on the children.

  • http://bossip.com yup!

    she 26! she look 46..smh. poor lil baby. i try to NEVER question the lord,but sometimes i wonder why he allows people like this chick to bare children?? and those who are way more fitted for children have a hard time baring kids..idk.. rip to the child..

  • http://bossip.com yup!

    @thebarberlady… i know right! they quick to blame black women for EVERYTHING!! i guess it was the blackwomen fault that this white girl killed her child..smh.. but im not suprised that the blackwomen bashers havent shown up. they only come out when theres a negative thread about blackwomen……

    • Wendy

      @ yup! When the haters show up they will probably say white makes this one right, anywho as @ Shuana said they go into the special place in hell file, degenerates!!!
      this baby truly suffered
      “GOD” rest his little soul…….

  • MistaO

    Honestly, the DEATH PENALTY should be strongly on the table for both of these animals.

    Can you just imagine the trama many of these so called parents put these babies through?

  • !!!!!


  • Sharock1

    This was just cruelty plain and simple. How do parents beat a child to death and then eat pizza? White women have really been acting up lately. (I know that people of all races can be sociopathic and dysfunctional – but I just had to say it.)

  • http://respectyourselfblackgirls egypt

    sad to say babygirl but this stuff been going on since the begining of time there was never any peace. the world isn’t ending we just have the technology to see what everybody is doing. its just a cold world.

  • Honut Sinti

    Full stop…

  • Brokeneyelahs

    Just because a person can concieve does not mean that they should be a parent!!! Half the children born are not even wanted but individuals won’t even be honest with themselves and admit that they don’t want children, instead some end up like little Noah…R.I.P

  • tankreeper

    white people ………..

  • everything is terrible

    Dear Lord,

    Why do people like this still get to breathe, when that poor kid had to suffer and die?

    Your faithful disciple,
    -Everything is Terrible

  • don't ask

    God bless the children; some of them have it so hard. R.I.P little baby.

  • hondababy

    Florida!!! It happens every day!!! I don’t understand why the system in Florida is sooooo F’ed up!! Everybody wants to be Casey Anthony!

  • Christina

    If that’s not a crtical case that had to be reanalyzed over and over. I wonder what made them look at the parents. Good looking out Orange Co.

  • mikki

    How much u want 2 bet that they’ll get off by pleading that they were INSANE and under STRESS!!!!!? What parent doesn’t have stress with children??

  • Shannon

    And we hardly heard this on tv! if this were a BLACK woman….IT WOULD HAVE THE TOP NEWS STORY..

  • Jody

    I meant to type not property and garbage. You can rest in peace now, sweet baby.

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