Raven-Symoné Gets Her Weave Game Back Poppin, Shows Off Slim Figure At ABC Family Event

- By Bossip Staff

Raven-Symoné debuted a new and natural hair cut the other day, but apparently that was just temporary because here she is last night at the ABC Upfront Presentation all weaved up and slimmed down.

What do you think of Raven’s faux-tresses and slender frame???

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    now thats more like it raven. the short curly fro was cute. but it made her look far to old. stick to wigs boo.

    • LaLa_Cash


      but newho, ma looks wow, I mean she looks Good but dayum i didnt expect for her to lose weight so fast, I mean she just pulled a J-hud, but she looks good. If thats what makes her happy, im all for it I love me some Rae neway.

    • Sally

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      Raven looks great! And she comes across in a very likeable manner. Even with a ton of dough she is someone you can feel good about. Go Raven!


    yes rave. keep doin’ EXACTLY that. that short crop aged you 2 decades girl. 😉


    i guess you can afford to be judgemental when you are lookin’ to betta-deal someone…that is of course, until erectile dysfunction occurs. :mrgreen:

  • smh


    80/20 rule just remember… this from a small aa female… 80/20.


    hey, i guess you can afford to be judgmental when you are lookin’ to betta-deal someone…that is of course, until erectile dysfunction occurs. :mrgreen:

  • Mrs. Rance

    She looks pretty. I think her makeup was what had her looking jacked up when she was rocking the natural. Everything is perfect here. Even the Wendy Williams wig looks good on her.

  • chrissy

    she looks good….

  • sweetdcocobrown

    Raven looks so pretty. But, she was just as Beautiful before……..it seems people are so superficial. Take a look in the mirror!

  • kidrebelny

    The natural thing was cool, I just feel like it aged her like crazy. All the yaki in the world is ok on her

  • http://google iagree

    I like her hair like that she looks amazing very beyonce i wonder will she put out another record she would be swinging that wig like crazy

  • The Ugly Truth

    She looks AWESOME but she dont need to lose anymore wt

  • http://bossip liz

    I thought she was Paula Abdu looking at the cover picture before I clicked the thread !

  • Daisy Jay

    YEESSSSSSSSSSS! *does happy dance*

  • jmagic

    good thing she got her weave in she was looking like Lisa Simpson without it

    • liseebaby

      lol…good comparison

    • hunnyBun

      LOL jmagic, that was funny.
      raven looks good though. the weight loss, the hair. she is looking much better these days.

  • JustAshley

    She looks fantastic. Go Raven!!



  • haha

    WHO ASKED YOU??? if you need to talk to someone, hire a psychiatrist.

  • beautyand brains

    She looks kinda like Nicole Ritchie. I think her hair looks good and I like her slimmed down. She looks good. But she looked good before she lost weight. She is a beauty either way. Put you thing down girl!!!!

  • Allie

    She looks like raven, and i say that because when she had the short cut, she still looked beautiful in my opinion, but she looked extremely uncomfortable and out of her element, now she’s back to being confident which is great to see

  • Xcube

    I thought that cow and Jhud did not want to lose weight effing liars. Monique’s fat azz is next lol.

    • bossip lova :)

      BE NICE or dont say nun at all…all yu had to say was yay or nay.!

  • nicole1221

    for some reason she still looks old to me…I thought it was Paula Abdul too lol.

  • Tia

    She looks good, weave or not.

  • kay

    she looks good


    I’d smash it.

  • xlillypadx

    I think dat Raven looks amazing wit or witout the weight loss! she was always beautiful girl. n as for the hair, dat looks great too doesnt matter to me dat it is weave. u work dat look girl its great!!

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