Which RHOA Broad Has Enough Paper To Move Into This 3.2 Million Dollar Crib???

- By Bossip Staff

Here are a few hints: She’s knocked up, the only one on the show with an AMEX Black card, and she smokes 2 packs of Newports a day.

Kim Zolciak and her baller boo Kroy Biermann are moving into this crib together.

Flip thru to peep more shots of the lovely abode.

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  • D

    Wow! This is a beautiful house!

    • htown

      yall know that’s big poppas baby she is carrying.

    • Sally

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
      Just like my ears can never UN-HEAR her singing! PS. Now why is she going to tell Candy she can’t pay her? Pool man costs too much?

  • SMDH

    That’s a very nice house indeed. I hope the checks continue to roll in for both of them, or they will be the next to be evicted or in foreclosure!!

  • SGKM


  • The Ugly Truth

    D@mn, that sh1t is NICE!!!!

  • Lisa

    It’s a nice house but they need to stop trying to keep up with the Jones. As far as NFL players go he is on the low end making about 500,000 a year and that won’t last for long with a gold digger like Kim. Also I hope he has some savings with a lockout getting closer.

    • Iyan

      Lock has happened, off to court they go!

  • Pebblebeach

    Oh No….Ne Ne , that angry loud woman will be hating even more…

    • that1

      hahahahaha N O T!!!!!!

  • kslim1

    That’s amazing…she’s not even married and they’re buying mini mansions together…yet some men I know would live with a woman for years and wouldn’t even help her will the bills…lol, rofl….smh. That pvzzy must be the bomb.

    • Lisa

      Don’t believe everything u read. Some reason this site put’s Kim on a pedestal. I wonder why?

    • Asha

      when it comes to man.. it is tha company you keep. i have my own career and money.. and my husband has much greater income.. i guess.. that is men’s pride.. You people live in the land of apportunity and yet a lot your men lack work ethics.. and too many baby mamas.. that is your down fall.. no more excuses. simply follow; finish high school, get a decent education, take care of your credit, stay away crimal men. Hip hop calture is your down fall.. look up to 60’s African American pride..

  • da real one

    let’s be real,you seen plenty folks get a house, but many don’t keep it or own,having 50 year mortgages,she should stayed with big poppa, it seems nene is the only one to stand up to kim, kandi let kim get away not paying for tardy for the party song and then disagree for the new song,sheree hated her in season 2 and then act like she can’t speak and phadra what a whimp when Kim dissed u and your baby,yet Nene was real about her feelings for you. Let Kim keep up with the Jones and see how long it lasted. The Truth is the Truth


    Neither of them makes the type of money where they should reside in a $3.2 million home. He makes less than $600k/year and even with her wig line, RHOA paycheck, and no Big Daddy, Kim might be another victim of Housewives Foreclosure.

  • David Milton

    He’s not even that good a player, and the NFL career is usually quite short. This will not end well. She’s far from “hot,” dumb as a pile of poo and already has kids. I do not understand this world.

  • me

    This woman maybe dumb at life but she’s smart at using men for their money. She is the only ATL “housewife” that doesn’t have an actual job and yet she has managed to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy thus far.

    I don’t know whether I should applaud her or be disgusted by her….

    • CARRIE

      i agree 100%. say what u want about Kim, but she know how to hustle-plain and simple!

    • Jay Millz

      That is so true! I was totally thinking the same thing. I can’t be mad at her. I guess its not for me to understand.

  • Dwayne Wayne

    Paid way too much. Must have a lake and a planetarium around back.

  • coonytoons

    The NFL stop work lock out is coming, apparently this whiteboy didnt get the letter the NFL sent out to players lastweek on how to survive if there is no 2011 season. Damn.

  • coonytoons

    The two houses on my street in preston,TX is way better than this and those residents ain’t athletes. Maybe his credit stinks to get this for 3.2Mil

  • Booni Giovonni on FB

    Dang kim ballin like that

  • $tefchi$e


  • Veronica McKinney

    I’m sorry who?

    And what’s wrong with her hair?

  • star

    Nice House Kim!…Way to go!

  • msbliss

    I respect her hustle but I can’t respect her. She works hard only @ golddigging & is a poor example 4 her daughters. I can’t stand leeches that wanna jump on some1 else gravy train.

  • pattigurl

    Um, Kandi has a black card and it was referenced on one of the first few episodes she appeared in with Kim.

    She made some remark about not using it all the time.

    And Kandi has more money than Kim. She just lives quite modestly.


      Stop making sh*t up to prove a point. Kandi and Kim were shopping and Kim pulled out her Centurion card to which Kandi remarked, “I don’t even have one of those,” while holding her Amex Platinum.

  • Observer

    Every baby mama’s dream! Good for you Kim. Hopefully you will take care of those kids.

  • lol

    Uh this house is in Atl….the housing market there has tanked! At one point (abt 5 years ago) it may have been worth 3.2 mil. However they prob paid abt 200k for this house….please believe

    • TruFan

      Thats it,,,,shit….I’ll take one!

    • Ayana

      I doubt if any bank is going to approve Kory or Kim for a loan to purchase this house. The bank will want to see sources of income and proof that the income will remain the same or increase in the future. I’ll bet they are doing a lease purchase.

    • tyrone

      The housing market is down in Atlanta like it is in most parts of the country. However , the fair market value and/ or purchase price of this home is no where near $200 ,000. Even in this market it is worth at least one million.


      You guys don’t know where the home is located, what amenities it offers and so on. Nor have you seen the interior. 200K is ridiculous but 3.5 in ATL I know you can get a whole lot of house more than this.

  • itzight

    she aiirigh!

  • http://www.twitter.com/youngcosby YoungCosby

    SHE can’t afford it, her “MAN” (if that’s what you call him), can afford it.

  • d

    Good for them,, but I can’t see meeting someone and w/i a short time getting knocked up:0 That’s just to far over my head. She can’t really know him that well “not that anyone really, really knows anyone anymore now in days”…I wish them both well & a healthy baby, and successful delivery.

    • Kayla

      He dumb he knocked her up in three months. His lose her gain I guess.

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