The Ultimate Indisputable List Of Universally Fine Men

- By Bossip Staff

Maybe, just maybe, you have some more names to add to this list, but you absolutely can’t dispute the legitimacy of anyone here. They are certified fine. Yes, ma’am!

Do you agree? Check it!

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  • FindBooniGiovonniOnFB

    well dam must of been a typo bc i didnt c Booni Giovonni on there! Happy birthday daddy!

    BECOME A FAN & like this pg:!/boonigiovonni

    FOLLOW HIM:!/BooniGiovonni

    • Sally

      NICE NEWS !
      My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Y’all is crazy – this list includes two barely above average white boys and omits:

    Morris Chestnut and the KING OF FINE – BORIS KODJOE!

    • chaka1

      Obviously missing…

      1. Dwayne Johnson
      2. Shemar Moore
      3. Clive Owen
      4. George Clooney
      5. LL Cool J
      6. Taylor Lautner
      7. Lance Gross
      8. Colin Farrell
      9. The Wayans Brothers
      10. Will Smith

  • Samaya

    Don’t forget Omari Hardwick,Morris Chestnut,Lance Gross and Common.

    • Ariona Taylor

      And @Nelly_Mo. The man poured his heart out on VH1, at least he can get a “You still fine boy!”

  • Imboredwithmylife


  • 7lady

    That Darren Sharpner That Darren Sharpner….my God! That man yall! Goodness he fine. Yes SAMAYA that Omari is definitely one of my favs. And I love Boris girl!

  • Samaya

    Oh and don’t forget David Beckham.

    • Tired of Bossip

      David Beckham is not cute! he has a ratty face

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    The dude Vivica Fox mess with is nice. Polow da Don is nice. I have a type… Brown, nice jawline, nice teeth… Ya kno

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Polow has a nice face however ole boy got way too outta shape IMHO.

    • britchick91

      fat polow da don???really

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Darren Sharper
    Idris Elba
    Michael Ealy
    Tyson Beckford

    Now in the settle & season category (lol):
    Denzel Washington
    Blair Underwood

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    SN: If things between Michael Ealy & Halle Berry would’ve worked out & both had procreated?that would’ve been a too adorable of an offspring 🙂

  • Daisy Jay

    Blair Underwood, Lance Gross, Columbus Short, Paul Parker, Johnny Depp, Leon, John Stamos, Tyrese.

    • Daisy Jay

      Paul WALKER*** (I keep forgetting his d@mn name…)

    • chaka1

      Love me some John Stamos. Met him in a nightclub in Orlando once. STUNNING!!!!

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    OMG i looovvveeee me some Micheal Ealy that is one beautiful man

  • Jezebell8

    Hey! What happened to Don Cheadle?

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa...

    Darren Sharpner is just number
    1 he is so dam fine… and those dimples lord have mercy.

  • sandra

    you could have traded the white boys for two fine brothas like common or tyrese .. i don’t appreciate the way michael ealy looked at beyonce in halo ..

  • KN.RN

    Where is Paul walker?


    Interesting to see a man purposely click on an article about beautiful men who turns around and refers to them as being gay or bi sexual while stating “no homo”. Why click on the article?

  • MochaDreams

    I LOVE Idris and Laz! The rest of the list is decent, although Michael Ealy and Orlando Bloom never did it for me… over with Tyson too.

  • What?

    Mark Taylor blows them all away.

  • Buttaz

    First: Orlando Bloom is AUSTRALIAN. Second: Maxwell, Channing Tatum, David Beckham, Paul Walker, Columbus Short. Third: Yessssss to Idris, Darren, Matthew, and Lazaro!

    • sandie

      Maxwell needs to be on this LIST! The person also forgot Morris Chestnut, Borris Kodjoe, Common, Shemar Moore and I’d say Larenz Tate (he looks even more beautiful as he’s aged).

      Idris Elba is ♥

      And if you’re gonna pick a white guy I’d say Ian Somerhalder (google him), or Beckham.

    • WhereDaWhiteWomenAT

      WRONG! Orlando Bloom is from England. He is British…

  • Mrs. Rance

    Aren’t you a dude? Why did you even click on this post? And you calling these dudes gay? #FAIL

  • whatever!

    missing: Channing tatum, Paul,Boris kodjoe, eliminate Tyson gay azz

  • Ms.Jones

    I liked the list, but Paul Walker is fine and so is Tyrese, but Im mad homie had to call out Denzel’s teeth lol

    • kaboom

      I know….Denzel still fine, know one is perfect. I rather the big ol’ veneers and still gorgeous smile than a buttered popcorn Mr. Snaggle Puzz.



  • eazylove

    imma need Paul Walker, Will Smith and Johnny Depp to be added to that list

  • eazylove

    and David Beckham and Lance Gross

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