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Here’s Tocarra Jones enjoying her new role as Lady Hennessy in San Francisco, as we’ve seen her do before. But something’s not quite right about this situation… or shall we say, with her dance partner.

That guy is definitely someone’s husband. You might say maybe Tocarra didn’t know, after all, it’s not like the types of dirt dogs who try to bag celeb one night stands in the club aren’t usually forthcoming about their marital situations.

But Tocarra knew. In fact we got two separate tips from people at this event who both said she was told about this dude more than once.

Tocarra was flirting with a married man at her Hennessy event with wild 949 at club EVE in San Francisco. Why was she all over this guy when she was told he was married? I don’t care if she was sipping on Henny all night but she shouldn’t have dissed my girls like that after they said he’s a married dude. He has a friggin kid and baby momma in Egypt coming over very soon. No shame in Tocarra’s game. She almost got it in.

And from our other tipster:

I was observing her throughout the whole night with this MARRIED MAN. I know he’s married because we share a mutual friend and this friend is a dear friends to his wife. They were dancing the night away provocatively as well as kissing passionately in the VIP booth. I never knew she openly engaged herself in this kind of behavior with married men.

You would think the fact that cameras were all up in her grill the whole time she was dancing with and talking to dude would have made her slow her roll a little.

SMH. Flip the page for the pics.



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