So No One Wants To Talk About Elgin Charles Looking Like Steve Harvey’s Twin With A Wig?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Last night, Elgin Charles’ new show on VH1 called “Beverly Hills Fabulous” aired and it was full of hair, of course, and drama. Any woman that goes to the hair salon knows anything is bound to happen.

After Elgin Charles cameo appearance in Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”, he’s back on the screen with a reality show full of _______________!!!

These two were separated at birth!!!

In case you missed the first episode last night… Click Here to Watch It on 24Wired

What are your thoughts on this new show??? Will you be watching???

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  • wellza

    I am so tired of these funky dodo faced fagzzits!

    • Greeneyez712

      Ha ha ha…..Funny…. He is the Rich Hair Stylist for the Stars!!!! Show is on VH1…. Its called Beverly Hills Fabulous!!!!! Ting!!!

    • kalifa

      i look like rihanna….i’m just saying ūüė¶

  • What?

    Maybe because they don’t look alike.

  • uptowngirl

    My question is how the hell did Jackee marry this fool? It had to be for companionship only because…they both looking for the same thing. How he doin’?

    • TheOneNOnly

      Actually they have a son together so i think it was for more than companionship.

  • lani3000

    what the hell is an elgin charles?

  • ricoblack313

    Thats def his lil brother,LOL. Steve try 2 play so masculine and he just as sweet as this other–THING!!

  • daahlingnikki

    Maybe Jackee married him for the free hairdos…

  • QueenLove

    My issue is with Jackee Harry, why would a woman mistreat herself? He’s obviously not interested in Jackee romantically so, why stay there and be overlooked.

    When I see her now, she looks tore up and as if she’s threw the towel and her esteem in the ring. I would just move on, why look for love in a gay man?

  • 7lady

    That man is gay as hell. Jackee need her azz whooped. But then again it’s some freaky folks out here so aint no tellin what they was doin. And the show seems staged and it’s not interesting. I thought it was gonna be a new episode of hip hop wives I mean girlfriends but it was the same thing from last week.

  • jmagic

    why does dude looking like steve harvey important to anyone

  • kaY

    He looks like Steve Harvey with a little bit of the late Rick James with the personality of his ex Jaque’ … he’s a joke.

  • Roman Geralds

    i just saw it tonight and thought tha same thing..

  • Kellie

    He looks like Steve Harvey and Richard Pryor’s gay love child.

  • jackee is wrong as hell for $#@&%$ wit that fag and whats up wit them leavn ther son wit the grandma to raise like they were jus so busy!!

    Jackee is wrong as hell for @##%&#$ that fag and whats up wit them leavn ther son for the grandmother to raise like they were jus so busy

  • jah jah

    buy the way my name is jah jah messed up on the last comment

  • Ms. Boriqua

    I was waiting to see if any one else noticed besides me and my man . They look just alike ! Too bad steve got a bald head he could got the hook up from his brother lol

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