True Or False: People Love Eminem More Than They Loved Michael Jackson

- By Bossip Staff

If Facebook is an accurate measure of these things, this one is actually… True.

Eminem is liked … a lot. The Detroit rapper has become the first person, living or dead, to rack up 30 million ‘likes’ on Facebook. The milestone, achieved this past Saturday, took place after Em pulled ahead of Michael Jackson as the most liked person on the social networking site, besting the King of Pop’s 29.8 million likes with a solid 30.32 million of his own.

The feat comes after Slim Shady passed Lady Gaga as the most liked living artist on Facebook in February, when he scored 28.89 million likes to Gaga’s 28.88 million likes. Gaga reigns supreme over on Twitter, though, with 8.78 million followers on the social networking site edging out Em’s 3.44 million followers. At press time, she also had reached the 30 million mark on Facebook, but still trailed Em.

The ‘Love the Way You Lie’ spitter also made headlines in the digital world in February when he became the third artist to surpass the one billion views mark on YouTube. Thanks to the views from videos like his smash collaboration with Rihanna, Em joined Gaga and Justin Bieber in the prestigious club, while Ri became the fourth artist to reach a billi earlier this month.

Yeah… We don’t know if we can cosign this one.

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  • w

    You can’t be serious…Eminem? Kick Rocks and don’t ever compare MJ to these clowns again!

  • XtremeN

    I hope Eminem will be a legend, just like the king of Pop MJ. Higly impressed
    Way to go Em

  • TruthIz


  • nymphis

    I highly doubt that most of mjs fans are on facebook

    • True Dat

      You got that right! Im on FB but i’ve never seen either page to like. Further MJ was old school millions of his fans world wide are over 40 not to mention the combined totals of his older and younger fans. Em’s numbers can’t touch MJ’s actual fan numbers. Not even close!

  • XtremeN

    @nymphis true that

  • Kisha

    Hahahahahahahahahaaaaha!!!! Eminem who? How dare u compare him to MJ!

  • Anne

    Love Eminem! He does have some additions to do to be in MJ’s level. BUT at least he doesn’t abuse children.

    • RogerThat

      He doesnt abuse children, he abuses women

    • purple love

      i really hate that people keep saying that about mj it was never proven for a fact and when he died the kid admitted his parents made him lie

  • Welp

    This is a really bad source of evidence..Facebook wasn’t even around when MJ was at the top of his career. MJ has millions of fans-including my own parents, who never use facebook. #fail!

  • uptowngirl

    I call bullsh@5t. And cosign with Welp. MJ was a legend way before facebook was around. Can’t nobody touch MJ so stop it.

  • lani3000

    hahahahahaha this is laughable. Gimmie a break

  • MacMoon

    Fucc em

  • V.A

    Fb n youtube doesn’t justify anythin. How dare these two mfs get compared!

  • RMEs

    MJ is a phenomenon the likes of which the world will never see again. No comparison at all.

  • ricoblack313

    Detroit dnt love Em as much as Mike. Both of them blew up from here, and i live here so i can say first hand. F#ck no….How can u compare EM 2 the greatest black music movement the world has ever seen?

  • rene


  • Don Rico

    LOL Eminem. They stole rock, crowned elvis king. They stole hiphop crowned eminem king. Michael Jackson became KING OF POP, so they destroyed him. LOL They hate that Prince created the best album in American history. Allot of artists claim to do it all, but he actually pulled off a rock, pop, r&B, and funk album and all the songs worked. Prince is best living artist. Not this trailer trash. Jay z is better than eminem. LOL

  • Macori

    M. J. was… no still is the best mucian worldwide. You can travel all corners of the world and people know who he is and can sing at least one of his songs. Eminem who?
    Clic on my name to check out my site. You will surely love it.

  • QueenLove

    He needs to worry about that wack azz rapping.

  • LEXI

    It probably helped him a bit to not to be a child molester or perv!
    And to be open about how psychotic he is.

    • uptowngirl

      Just a wife beater..

  • *MrsTrevino*

    Well it is Facebook!

  • LEXI

    Just b/c you live somewhere doesn’t make you the DETRIOT HOUSE SPEAKER~

    you can’t tell me first hand unless you spoke to all detroitians first hand. You just know your opinion.

    • ricoblack313

      I dnt feel like arguing so yeah u rite b itch!!

  • Daisy Jay

    WOW so we’re using Facebook to prove things now? As if Facebook even mattered!

    It’s a simple fact that nobody has/does/will even compare to Michael. Period. It just won’t happen. That’s like saying some group is liked more on Facebook than the Beatles, so the Beatles aren’t the best band ever. GTFOH

    *SMMFH at the “perv” and “molester” comments* Whoever says that is about the dumbest person on the planet. Anybody with a brain knows that it’s not true. And I dare somebody to say something to me in defense. Do it. I’m waiting right here.

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    Michael is the Greatest Artist of all TIME! Period! Em will never get close to Mike. EVER!

  • jay

    Two of the best white artist ever.

  • mizz559

    How can you even put them in the same style of music ? King Of Pop and rapper two totally diff styles . People need to stop making fake news so they will have a job

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