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Blossoming love is bliss—expensive dinners, long walks on the pier, late nights on the phone. It feels good to have someone by your side, someone to call a lover and a friend.

During the honeymoon stage (or first three months), we often put on a façade. Not only do they never see us barefaced, but we tone down characteristics that would initially turn a man off. The woman that may be prone to fussing, acts as if she is habitually content; and, the brash woman is suddenly coy. We have been fine-tuned to do what is necessary to get what we want, even if it means playing down our authentic selves. For this reason the expectations for love are unrealistic, because they are based on diluted truths.

How much more genuine would our relationships be if we didn’t hide behind the desire for reciprocation? How much easier would it be to make it past the honeymoon if we wore our true colors? So many of our relationships and marriages fail as a result of fairy tale expectations:



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