Feuding With 50 Cent: The Rappers That Have Crossed Paths With Curtis

- By Bossip Staff

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has never shied away from controversy.

Since breaking into the industry with the name-dropping street classic, “How To Rob,” 50 has been stirring up trouble with records, interviews and public feuds involving numerous emcees.

He battled death and won after surviving nine gunshots, then began a meteoric rise that turned the “mixtape” into industry standard. Let’s take a look at some of the artists he’s beefed with, battled, and pissed off. Some wars he won, others he lost, a few didn’t have a clear victor but the constant outcome is that Curtis continues to rattle nerves and express his opinion without fear of consequence. This is 50.

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  • jmagic

    This dude career died when he lost to Kanye,and now Ricky Ross has brought him back to life and killed it again….nobody’s checking for dude anymore

    • King Carter

      You are so right even though you took time out of your day to comment about him. lmao

    • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

      You’ve summed it up quite well. Also I’d think all the beefs would make it hard to work with other artist. I didn’t even look at the list, but I can’t remember hearing 50 not followed by “beefing with”. Got tired after Ja Rule but he kept it going.


    who cares. hes an unmarried father of one with no principles. im over it.

  • Daisy Jay

    *raises and curls eyebrow at 50*

    With the kind of deals he’s made and the kind of money he’s pulling in, he’ll never have to make music again in his life.

    Perhaps he can be an @sshole, but the guy is smart. Can’t deny that.

  • Michael

    50 has always been a bully. He goes after anyone who doesn’t kiss his a$$. Ja Rule,Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Jadakiss, Camron, Game and the list goes on and on. The only person i side with him is Rick Ross.

  • Intrinsic Beauty

    I hope the n_gga don’t ever make music again…I don’t give a fxck how much money he makes he still a bully and a loser. Messy a$$ n_gga, he worse than a bxtch wit all that drama.

  • RMEs

    50 is a marketing genius that uses his virus type personality for eeeeevil.

  • Such a Lady

    You HO’s kills me trying to talk bad about a man knowing you wouldn’t say that in his face because he’ll smack the ish outta you and then comes the police and then comes the lawsuit…

  • mouth

    Y’all know the lil ninja in the back of the crowd who keeps jumping up, looking over folks shoulder to see what they’re doing? He keeps jumping up “waving” at folks…

    “Hey…! Y’all see me? Hey!!”


    I don’t know him either.


  • tyrone

    Is it just me or does 50 look exactly like a gorilla—I mean exactly.

  • !!!!!


  • mouth

    The irony of 50 being alive and Biggie being dead is scary. Didn’t this ninja threaten someones mama of some rap ish?

    Went to her job, had his folk tape her while she was asleep…

    All after he burned his OWN kid’s mama’s house down?

    And everyone wants to act like their hood.

    Bring ish like that to the hood.

    Karma. How much yall wanna bet this dude is lonely as h@ll?

    Look behind the lame arse grin.

    What you see?


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