Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Brooklyn Psycho Slasher Serial Killer Blames Both Cancer And His Ex-Girlfriend For His Murderous Intentions!

- By Bossip Staff

While people are runnin’ around hatin’ on the Purple Kush, they need to be worried about stopping the drugs that THIS sick fugga was on!

Gelman, an admitted PCP user and dealer, had begun his heart-to-heart with cops as he was arrested in the head car of an uptown No. 3. That’s where he’d allegedly swung a large knife at his final victim, passenger James Lozito.

The bloodied hero managed to help subdue Gelman, but needed 26 staples and 20 stitches to close wounds to his head and arm.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Gelman told cops while still on the train. “I wish you had shot me. I would’ve been better off if you shot me.”

“You got me. You got me,” Gelman continued, according to the statements.

“My ex-girlfriend — you know how it is,” he explained, apparently speaking of beautiful Yelena Buchenko, slaughtered along with her mother, after rebuffing Gelman’s advances.

He had come to Manhattan after allegedly slashing to death Buchenko, the mother, and his own mother’s boyfriend, capping the terror by running over a pedestrian after a violent carjacking.

As disturbing as that is, this is part that’s REALLY out of pocket!

Once in the squad car, he asked, “Why didn’t the cops shoot me?” Then the chummy maniac added, “You have any kids? My family is all f—ed up,” and “You should stay away from angel dust.”

Outside the Midtown South Precinct on West 35th St., he told another cop, “I’ve had better days.”
“You know,” he said, inside, “I’ve got cancer. I’ve got six months.”

He added, “I’ve had a doozy of a day,” and, “I did this because I have cancer.”

Nooooo you did this because youse a crazy muhfugga! People all over the world have cancer and they don’t go around randomly cuttin’ folks.

Put this guy in Bellevue and strap him in TIGHT!


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  • Sa.s.sy24

    They should throw him under the jail.

  • Peppa

    I mean something is gravely wrong with this man. He is definitely going to be tried found guilty, and may be given the death penalty. Does anyone other than me feel that more money and research needs to be put towards mental illness. And the government need to stop relying on drugs for profit. No one makes more money from the drug trade (YES THE DRUG TRADE than the corrupt governenet.

  • dee

    Something about his eyes creeps me out.

  • shehiplocki

    ..i can’t form the words to describe this barbarian..may his victims rest in peace.

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