Old Head Beef: Bill Cosby To Russell Simmons “Get The Fawk Out Of My Face!”

- By Bossip Staff

Last week, pioneering old head Bill Cosby hosted the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s ROBIE Awards, where Hip-Hop’s favorite old head Uncle BDR and others were honored for their Jackie Robinson-like lives.

The fact that these two were going to be in the same building raised some eyebrows because they famously exchanged words a couple of years ago, when Bill was on his “Father to all Black People” kick.

Still, Bill and Russ seemed to put their opposing opinions on today’s youth and their love of the N-word aside to celebrate the living legacy of Jackie Robinson. Or so it looked in most media coverage of the event.

But rumor has it, BDR says it went down a little differently. Russell is reportedly saying that at one point Bill walked past him and bumped him with his shoulder and kept it moving.

Why would something like that not catch anyone’s attention, you’re wondering? Because Russ knows very well that Bill Cosby would split his wig. Early. 73-years-old or not.

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    Bill knows Russell endorses the thug life lifestyle on the low. bill aint stupid.

    • Sally

      NICE NEWS !
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      Fasionista Chic Maybe educated but not “well” because you said don’t barney…and it should be “doesn’t barney”…just a side note…next.

  • Mrs. Rance

    lol. No Bill didn’t shoulder check him and say, “Say sumpin mufugga. Yeah, that’s what I thought.” LMAO

  • lala

    I love Bill, he speaks the truth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gotstrong1 Bicyclecrazy

      I agree.

      Follow me: @ GOTSTRONG

  • resurrected

    Russell Simmons looks dignified on the out side but sound ingorant and ghetto as hell on the inside. When I saw him on Runs House he is very disrepectful and curses every other word.

  • RMEs

    LMAO! C’mon Russ you ain’t really whinin that Bill bumped into you are you? It just makes YOU look like a chump. Smh. These males can be worse than 10 yr old girls sometimes wit the whining!

  • GA by way of CA

    russ better eat some puddin to get on uncle b’s good side 😀

  • Tee

    Bill knows Russell supports the same system thaat contributes to our problems

  • TheFashionistaChic

    btw I am well educated, but when in Rome you do like the Roman’s.

    • uh????

      Did you ever think about moving???

  • Reality

    @ Fasionista Chic Maybe educated but not “well” because you said don’t barney…and it should be “doesn’t barney”…just a side note…next.

  • Bianca

    Eh, dont care



    • God's_Angel

      @ Annoyed…LMMFAO!!! Nooooooooo! Please tell me Bill Cosby didn’t shoulder-check Russell Simmons, daring him to do something! Noooooooooooooooo

  • wowzers

    So let me get this straight.Bill Cosby has a problem with Russell because he feels Russell condones the thug lifestyle,ignorance,etc yet he’s 73 and shoulder checks another grown man at a black tie event held in the honor of a great black man and gets props for that?sounds a little a$$ backwards if you ask me and if I remember correctly all Russell was saying when Bill made those comments is that he should try speaking to the youth in a more uplifting manner instead of turning up his nose at them and belittling them which I agree with 100 percent.as we know in america sometimes your a product of your environment and it is unfortunate.instead of bashing try encouraging

    • Wendy

      @ wowzers I agree, do they not get it is okay to agree that we disagree??? I get Mr. Cosby and I feel what he saids has great value; But he comes off as very condescending, however you disagree with my view or oppinions don’t mean you can bump all up on me,no excuse me! Oh! my bad! Dang!!! Mr. Cosby you know this is the kind behavior that starts most gangwars, but seriously “BC so juvenile if it’s true………..

  • Big Cain

    This is some funny $h!t. The ole dude trying to fight. LMAO

  • jenene

    Since you are educated, I am sure you are aware that most ad content on blogs is dictated by the sites the computer user frequents.

  • laura

    Yeah, I can see Bill doing this. He totally rebuffed Wanda Sykes on one of those award shows on tv some time back. It was obvious he wasnt feeling this chic.

    • RMEs

      Can’t say I blame Bill for that either.

  • veryfunny

    Lol!!these two beter grow up,mr Bill I know u try to educate the younger generation and all that,but u re now try’na tell us its ok to have beef with people,which is not,so u two better STOP IT!!!!.

  • Higher Than Jordan

    I’m glad cats are calling BDR on his bullshid..Cosby is straight from the PJ’s as well and has been against the BS we’ve been accepting for a minute..Unless you count Leonard 6 that was an efront on all of our senses..

  • Higher Than Jordan

    sorry I meant affront..

  • robbyroc

    Bill grew up in North Philly, which was known in his days as the hardest part of the city. You had to know how to fight growing up there.

    • igotdistc

      north philly still ruff

  • Boondock Saint

    Who knew Cos was so gangsta!

  • Purple

    @jenenen wouldn’t that be the best opportunity to mix it up. Cater to the audience but at the same time talk about things they normally would not think or care about in their terms. I think some of us love to lead our community into deeper whelms of ignorance. i am not saying to come here and start talking about articles from some study and blah blah blah but we can educate/ help each other in entertaining ways rather talk about things that will never lead us anywhere.

  • Please

    Ol man Bill is gangsta. Shoulder checking fools then mean muggin…..

    Russ ran the old dude hot!!!

  • Vandellish

    It always amazes me when people say things like “he/they are too old for things like that (physical confrontations)” but really we are all just mere mammals and most people that we know are only a few disses/pushes/shoves away from going UFC on a rival.
    Frankly I don’t really believe this report. If this did happen then Russell needs to pull Cos to the side and they can move on.

  • Ryda4life

    Everybody knows Bill Cosby hates Beef but loves the Jello pudding….ahhh (smile).

  • 1king

    Alright bill Cosby is full of shyt. He caters to the white people that run this country the ones that made him rich just like the majority of entertainers. Some of the things he said were true but he never said anything to the white people that run this country and created these situations in are black hoods. He was quite on so many fronts when he could have made an impact thru his celebrity. He never addressed the prevalent racism in the past that still is used to hold black people back today. He made it. He succeeded. He’s a token. He had the opportunity to put it all on the table but he chose only to air out black people and not call the white man out for his crimes against the black community. And you know why because if he did they would have put his black azz in jail for feeling up that white bytch while she was high. And this dumb azz dude was in philly marching for freedom wit beanie seigel like 2 months after that. So much for his stance. So for not calling the devil a muthafuka to his face you get no respect. He sold out to keep collecting his millions.

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