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Say bruh, you DO realize that we been free for almost 500 years now right?

The minute we saw Adrian Peterson compare the plight of the NFL player to “modern-day slavery,” we knew it was a comment that would get attention.

It didn’t take long for another player to take issue with it.

“I have to totally disagree with Adrian Peterson’s comparison to this situation being Modern day slavery. . . false,” Packers running back Ryan Grant wrote on Twitter. “Their is unfortunately actually still slavery existing in our world.. Literal modern day slavery.. That was a very misinformed statement. I understand what point he was trying to make.. I just feel like he should have been advised a little differently.”

Peterson will be given the chance to clarify his comments, and we’re sure he’ll put it into better context. For now, it looks like another comment to add to the mix from players and owners that lacks perspective.

We feel you Ryan.

Sorry chief, but you’re on tap to make $10 milli next year. The LAST thing you are is a slave. Now would be a GREAT time to stop talking. Please and thank you.




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