Crazy Swirling Woman Who Murked Ex-NFL Player’s Pregnant Girlfriend Convicted, Faces 45 Years In Prison

- By Bossip Staff

This broad certainly deserves it!

Marni Yang was convicted Tuesday for murdering the pregnant girlfriend of former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle, in what prosecutors alleged was an extremely meticulously planned killing of someone Yang considered a rival for the football player’s affection.

The Lake County jury found Yang, 43, guilty of first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child in the October 2007 shooting of Rhoni Reuter, 42. Yang faces a minimum of 45 years in prison, when she is sentenced later this year.

Yang didn’t testify during the trial, however, Gayle testified he met Yang in 2005 and the two had a business relationship that turned sexual.

In closing arguments, the prosecutor called the death of Reuter a “carefully planned out execution,” with Reuter’s pregnancy prompting Yang to spend months plotting her murder.

The defense countered saying there was no physical evidence connecting Yang to the crime scene. The defense acknowledged Yang knew Gayle but argued that the Pro-Bowler was involved with as many as 18 or 19 women at the time of Reuter’s death.

Reuter was seven months pregnant with Gayle’s child at the time of her murder. Gayle and members of Reuter’s family were in attendance when the verdict was returned.

For a refresher on this story and more funny pics of that shady “Marni Yang”…CLICK HERE


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    • Sally

      NICE NEWS !
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      That picture is so pathetic. I wonder why she let it out in the public. Good luck in the pokey.

  • jmagic

    That is one ugly bytch

  • big c

    when swirling goes wrong

  • Jessica

    That’s a woman?

  • Mrs. Rance

    That picture is so pathetic. I wonder why she let it out in the public. Good luck in the pokey.

  • G.M.

    she’s only being convicted cuz she is ugly as fucc, they want to lock that female sloth up and keep it far away from society lol

  • Sharock1

    Let’s see… in 45 years she will be about 87 yrs old – if she’s alive – and, probably out of her mind. You don’t necessarily have to die to go to hell.

  • http://google Lmao

    blk dyck makes them psycho hahaha.

  • Nika

    All that swirling, aint good for you. She is ugly too.

  • Cutie Pie

    Gayle had an intense realtionship with this lady and the other 14 or 15 WHITE BYTCHES who he was involved in. To him this was a game. She killed one of his other girfriends and his unborn child and he can’t act like he didn’t know how psychotic this bytch was!!!

    • ll

      If she was going to kill someone it should have been him.

  • you reckon?

    Looks like Chuck E Cheese in drag. What a whack job.

  • tommykimon

    She looks like one of Tiger Wood’s chicks. She is busted.

    • Karla

      Why this women like to got with this males that are worse than animals in heat? They do not respect women, and to date for 20 years while he sleeps around? He is guilty also of the murder of the girlfriend,by setting one against another.
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