Jesus Take The Wheel: Beauty Supply Owner Killed Over Six Bags Of Hair

- By Bossip Staff

This is crazy:

The owner of Sunrise Beauty Supply was shot and killed during an apparent robbery late Tuesday morning.

A witness who saw the aftermath from inside a nearby shoe store told police the suspect ran out of Sunrise carrying six bags of hair.

That witness told FOX 2 the suspect, a teenage or twenty something black male in sweat pants, a coat and do-rag, jumped in a four-door, silver Focus being driven by a black female. They both then sped away.

The second photo above is a sketch of the possible suspect being sought by police. He has a tattoo or birthmark over both eyes and some blotches around his cheek area.

Regular customers are shocked and saddened.

“That’s so sad that a man’s life could be taken over six bags of hair,” said Susan Gewarges.

“Suddenly that person’s not there anymore, and you figure all they were really doing was trying to make a living for themselves like the rest of us,” George Johnson said.

Dearborn Police are investigating and asking that anyone with information to please come forward.

We spoke to the owner’s wife, who is obviously grief stricken. She told us her faith is the only way that she’s going to get through this senseless tragedy.


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  • sohi

    Stop buying weave! I dont like their attitudes anyway!

  • luvprue1

    He killed someone over 6 bags of hair weave? who was he dating ,Kojack?? This would be funny if it was so sad.

  • luvprue1

    This would be funny if it *”wasn’t” * so sad.

  • Shanice

    Damn I use to go to that Beauty Supply, shame 😦 over something so stupid.

  • ling ling

    Boycott weave. They rude anyway!

  • you reckon?

    “who was he dating ,Kojack?? “, tears rolling down from that one. Maybe the owner had a stank attitude. Still not right.

  • glamzoe

    So sad ones life is taken away by another senseless act of violence

  • Jessica

    This must be one hell of a recession, n.iggas killing people for some hair. I bet you it was that female driver that sent him in to rob that store for her next appointment. SMDH

  • msbliss

    I wanna laugh & cry @ the same time now that’s fuc*ed up! Ladies if this is Not evidence enough 2 go natural & luv what God gave u I dnt kno what is…hope they catch that booty bandit & bald headed hoe!

  • if anything be noble

    Sunrise Beauty Supply??? 😦 — How come the Koreans put this one word on their stuff that don’t have a THING to do with the business? I would straight boycott “Sugar Nails” “Happy Cleaners” or “Pretty Wings.” Don’t make no sense. smh (—sad though)

  • G.M.

    hair weave is worth a lot and women stay spendin money on that sh1t…i wonder how much would 6 bags of it be worth on the streets…i saw chris rock “Good Hair” lol if those women payin 1 to 3 stacks for a weave u could make atleast $1500 a pop on the streets…sell it to some beauty salons or women runnin salons out they apartments…damn shame weaves becoming the new crack lol XD

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Just from the location & looks of the store & the NAME of the store, this is NOT where u buy the “good” weave from. I bet each bag of hair costs $20.99, not thousands like the Indian hair

      And, whoever wears this CURSED WEAVE, I hope the weave tangles up in 3days & itch their scalp like fleas!
      (cheap weave do it anyway)

      How could those ppl even sleep at nite knowing they killed some1 over WEAVE??!!!!

  • http://google Smh

    The owner was a very nice person, him and his family always made customers feel welcome. I bought my favorite discontinued conditioner there if they decide to close down Im screwed because no other store in the d sells it. Nuccas always fk things up.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      This happened in Detroit?

    • Ms.Keke

      @Thick No, this happened in Dearborn.

  • ling ling


  • damn !

    Wow…this changes MY mind abt getN sum hair Sew N…#soSad

    I jus recently lost someone as well so 2 his family U have all my sympathy &nd MY deepest condolenceS…;(

  • ling ling

    U know that crack head thought he had money bags lol Bet they will get Brinks pick up!

  • sam

    Weave is one hell of a drug…

  • The Ugly Truth

    Over some d@mn hair???!!!! That will be thrown away after 3mos?!


    BTW, that pic of the robber reminds me of Steve Harvey

  • williedynamite

    you got 6 bags of yaki #7 right there? *camron voice* (paid in full)

  • Sha

    SMH that’s a damn shame.

  • you're lame

    @ GM most beauty supply stores don’t carry the expensive hair you’re talking about. The highest hair they have is about 100 so if anything they can make about 600, and that’s only if someone is willing to pay full price which i doubt. The expensive hair you can only order online.

    • G.M.

      ooooh, okay…didn’t know that…and here i was puttin my ski mask on and ready to go out and start rippin weave out b1tches head for profit…u have saved many scalps w/ur post today lol XD

  • you're lame

    I said all that to say the man got murdered for merely a few hundred bucks

  • MsBountyful

    right after you stupid azz.

  • ????

    People getting crazy behind weave these days. The lady at the beauty supply where I buy my hair got punched a few weeks ago behind some weave. The girl got mad because her card didn’t work and wanted the owner to call the number on the back. The sad part was the girl had her baby with her.

  • Ms Niagara

    It was 80 bags of hair, it’s still senseless!


    OMG.. I can just imagine the search. I need all black females with fresh micro braids within a 20 mile radius detained.

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