The Evolution Of Toccara

- By Bossip Staff

Over the years fans of top model finalist Toccara Jones have seen the boisterous beauty go from America’s favorite toned and thick model to a petite and perky little Betty.

When she first appeared on Tyra Banks’ reality show, the Dayton Ohio native put on for plus size women showing off her trademark curves and snuffing out her slimmer competition. And now although there’s less of her, Toccara’s just a voluptuous with a personality just as big to match.

So let’s applaud Ms. Jones, and take a look at this top model’s dramatic weight loss. (Continue)

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  • Franklin

    Like her she judt doesn’t look as good as she did when she was a thickums. She should have kept the weight on. Sorta regular regular now.

    • Sally

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  • ashley nicole

    I love her but she look better bigger than smaller.

    • 22wheelz

      Both of you are 100% correct……she has absolutely no shape down bottom…..I’m quite sure she feels lighter and better…..she was much more attractive heavier….

  • Melry

    I think she looks beautiful both ways.

  • smh

    She is example to plus size women that it is what you wear, well and she is pretty. bc am i the only one who never thought was as big as the bigger above.

  • tommykimon

    I agree team plus size Toccara. Maybe she can find a happy medium between the two?

  • http://Hotmail Islandbaby

    She looks great without the weight! There’s noting more unattractive than a woman with a big gutt, and she’s not pregnant. I hope she keep it up. It not healthy been fat.


    love her.
    pam grier needs to tap toccara’s shoulder for her biopic, for real! 😉

  • http://mobile jphillips

    I hugged her not long ago when she was at a liquor store In my hood promoting hennessy. she was thick but not skinny like now. she smelt good, and her breasts were soft when they squished aginst my chest. her mom looked good too…damn, now I just skeeted in my pants…

  • lt

    toccara is beautiful no matter what size she is.

  • Mrs. Rance

    I personally have never seen Tocarra looking like that first pic. Where yall get that from? The second pic looks like its from ANTM when she was more voluptuous, but she was never really fat. Just fat for a model. Of course these days she looks fantastic.

  • The Ugly Truth

    I like her with the wt lost. All of tht wt made Tocarra & Raven look old! Now tht they have lost the wt, they look good, young & vibrant!

  • afro british

    One of my favourite America’s Next Top model. I do not even remember who won the series. But she had IT the personality,charisma and that x factor.She is more beautiful with age, just like fine wine.I recently saw a billboard of her as the new face of EVANS UK. Wish her all the sucess.

  • Troi Dustin

    Tocarra seems like she’s kinda simple and doesn’t know who she wants to be. Anyway, I have those grey leggings with the black zipper. They’re from BCBG. My butt looks better in mine. lol

  • Zookie

    She is gorgeous

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