Foul Odor And ‘River Of Blood’ Leads To Discovery Of Grisly Chopped Remains Of 400 Pound Bronx Man!

- By Bossip Staff

This sounds horrible…

The body of a 400-pound man was found stuffed in a duffel bag inside an apartment in a Bronx housing project Saturday, sources told the Daily News.

Patrol officers responding to a different incident at the Justice Sonia Sotomayor Houses in Soundview caught a whiff of a foul odor coming from another apartment, the sources said.

The cops located a son of the resident, who was not immediately identified, to let them inside the sixth-floor apartment on Bruckner Blvd., sources said.

The door opened to a gruesome scene: blood covered the kitchen floor, cleaning products were strewn about the room and a bloody hatchet was lying nearby, sources said.

Cops also spotted a large duffel bag, drenched in blood, in a kitchen closet, sources said.

“It’s soaked,” a police source said. “It’s a river of blood coming from the bag, at least 8 pints.”

Crime scene detectives and workers from the city’s medical examiner’s office were still working inside the apartment last night.

Although the identity of the body had not yet been determined, many residents were shocked that it could be their heavyset neighbor.

“He was a sweetheart,” said Sheila Jefferson. “He was really nice.”

One woman, who lives on the same floor, suspected the man was selling drugs out of the apartment and he recently warned her not to let her children play in the hallway.

“He was a nice person to everybody,” said Yaniris Laureano, 21. “He was really nice to my kids. He used to give them candy or toys.”

The rotund neighbor also was known for advising younger residents.

“He’d give me lectures about life lessons,” said Anthony Terc, 17. “He was a cool guy.”

A friend said she recently ran into the man, who claimed he was trying to exercise and eat healthier to lose weight.

Sources said investigators believe the decomposing body had been in the apartment for days before the grisly find.

The putrid odor was so strong that it lingered on the uniforms of the responding officers, sources said.

“It was a bad smell and it’s still there,” said Laureano. “It smells like a dead rat. It’s bad.”

A hatchet? That’s how it’s going down in Soundview these days? Just horrible.



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  • Sally

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  • *MrsTrevino*

    Damn! RIP.

  • Allegrah

    So…. nobody else smelled that ish? I understand no snitching but nobody heard,smelled or seen anything? Damn shame

  • 7lady

    Yeah wasn’t it comin through the vents to the neighbors apartments? I really hope they find this man cause he is pure evil. He didn’t use a gun he used a damn hatchet! That’s the devil.

    • SMH People

      Yes Lady7 that’s a sick twisted on surface devil. More than pure evil. Smh world.

  • confidently_ugly

    sad about the loss of life but somebody was real tenacious

  • Jmagic

    Its amazing what people can do to each other

  • SofugginSad

    Once again. Its the Jects.. More than likely spanish/spanish killing. They love a sharp weapon over anything.

    • Latin In Manhattan

      Spanish people do not sell drugs from their apartment, PuertoRicans do and he lived in a Puertorican housing complex called the Sotomoyor drug den.

  • CooCooKitty


  • R.I.P.

    A 400 POUND PUERTORICAn selling drugs from his apartment, go figure. He brought it on himself.

  • yt

    “He’d give me lectures about life lessons,” said Anthony Terc, 17. “He was a cool guy.”

    “AW darn, no more lectures about life from the 400 lb unemployed puerto rican”

  • Rico

    I wish we could all live in peace love and unity. Imagine that.

  • Sharock1

    HE LIVED IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND I’VE LIVED NEARBY THE SOTOMAYER PROJECT FOR OVER 20 YEARS. Plenty of black people live in this project too and it has not been determined that he was selling drugs. Nothing in the article states that he was Puerto Rican.

    I hope they catch whomever did this SOON. To me, cutting up a 400 pound person would require more than just one person. Wouldn’t they have been drenched in blood? What kind of mentality would go in for stuff like this? May God protect us all – we live among demons.

  • Callisto

    I grew up and was raised in the bronx in the same area the same building….the same floor. The smell was around for days and nobody noticed angel (victom) was not scene or heard in days. I personally know the man he was a nice guy. Just cause someone sold or sells drugs doesn’t make them bad. If you kew him you would say the same. He lectured anthony cause he didn’t want the kids to get involved with non sense like this. I spoke with him and hanged out with him a lot. This is a sad sad shocking thing to happen. Angel rest in peace my friend you will be missed. The smell is still present and the shock is still there. Unemployed? Perhaps but mockin it only shows how stupid people are. When a man is left to his back on the wall he must do what to servive….don’t hate the players hate the game called life. But in the end we cheerish it for whatever it has worth. I really missed what my projects used to be like when I moved in Bronxdale aka sotomonoya houses was a lot better. Glad I moved out but many of my friends and loved ones are still there.

    • yt

      “Just cause someone sold or sells drugs doesn’t make them bad.”

      Yeah the drug trade has really done the inner city good. If you think about it, the CIA did the black community a big solid by giving them a trade they could call their own.

    • Sharock1

      I live on Saint Lawrence – I’m sure a lot of people in that building were traumatized by the horrific nature of the murder. I understand what exactly you are sayin’. Stay strong.

  • Nana

    @Callisto said it best!

  • true

    Smh at the dumb azzes mocking n talkin sh!t. No human being deserves to die in such horrific way! Shame on all the ignorants!! RIP Angel…

  • What?

    “Just cause someone sold or sells drugs doesn’t make them bad.”

    Yeah sure you’re just helping people ruin their lives and kill themselves slowly. Nothings wrong with that, no sir *sarcasm*

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