Bust A Move: Dance Crazes We Used To Love… And Still Do

- By Bossip Staff

Dancing was a lot different before booty dancing, also known as grinding up against a dude in the club lackidasically posted on a wall, was all the rage.

No worries that someone was going to shine a light in your face and say “break it up!,” no waiting until the lights were turned down low or that a fight could start. Dancing was all in good fun. Both men and women gladly got down on the floor with the help of some of the catchiest dances found in three to four minute music videos on stations like The Box. Hopping backwards doing the “Tom & Jerry,” swinging your arms doing the “cabbage patch” or “the wop,” and running rhythmically in place with “the running man,” once one person saw it, it was like an infection–everyone had to get in on it.

So we’re taking a retrospective glance at a few other dances that have had us looking a fool to the older “twist” and “shout” generation, but had us feeling cooler than cool on the dance floor. (Continue)

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  • Sa.s.sy24

    Bus Stop


    • Sally

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  • HOT G.R.I T.S

    n I don’t know bot d east coast n west coast bout down souf we was RAGTOP DON’T STOP

  • Nana

    Snake is the all time favorite!

  • COoo

    Heck yea…..!

  • chrissyb

    How did they forget the chickenhead or the lean wit it rock wit it????? ( don’t remeber the proper name) lol but they put the jerk on the list? If your in middle school that’s a good dance nobody grown goes to the club to jerk.

  • sportstalk23

    Hahaha I remember the snake, the wop,cabbage patch,centepede but I will never let go of the running man I just can’t lol

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