For Your Information: AT&T Is Dropping $39 Billi To Rescue T-Mobile Customers From Their Wack A** Service

- By Bossip Staff

This could be the greatest thing to happen to T-Mobile customers… or the worst thing to happen to the cell phone industry.

AT&T Inc. has agreed to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion, but the deal isn’t set to close until a year from now, and it will likely face tough regulatory scrutiny. Here’s what a completed deal could mean for customers:

– Bigger choice of phones for T-Mobile subscribers. T-Mobile, as a much smaller carrier than AT&T, doesn’t get as many exclusives on top-line phones, and it doesn’t have the iPhone. This won’t be a big benefit to T-Mobile subscribers who don’t have contracts – if they want the iPhone today, they can sign up with AT&T or Verizon Wireless. But subscribers under contract would find it easier to upgrade to an iPhone.

– Fewer pricing plans to choose from. T-Mobile and AT&T have different offerings, some of which might disappear from the market.

– No more unlimited data plans. AT&T has stopped offering unlimited data plans in favor of plans with monthly data usage caps and overage fees. T-Mobile USA still offers “unlimited” data for smartphones for $30 per month, but slows down downloads after 5 gigabytes of traffic in a month. If the deal closes, current “unlimited” subscribers would likely be grandfathered in, but AT&T would probably stop offering the plan to new subscribers.

– Better network coverage. Combining the two networks will improve performance is some areas, because there will be more towers available. However, today’s AT&T phones can’t use T-Mobile’s 3G wireless data network, and vice versa, because they run on different frequencies.

– Wider rural broadband coverage. AT&T is pledging to increase spending on the construction of a new ultrafast broadband network by $8 billion, to cover rural areas.

– The big question is whether the combination would let AT&T, Verizon and Sprint raise prices on wireless service once competition from T-Mobile disappears. AT&T points out that prices have fallen through a decade of mergers in the industry, but public-interest groups are raising concerns.


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  • mixed bad chick

    I have stock market alerts and I must say I saw this coming. Doesn’t bother me, I’m not a t-mobile customer. Oh well, a lot of companies are being bought out or imploding anyway. The economic structure is in shambles right now.

  • okkkkk Formerly known as ok

    Umm….Wasn’t AT&T voted the worst in customer service last year?

  • ms.brilly

    I was a T-mobile customer and never really had a problem with the plans provided or the service. I recently left T-Mobile, however, because they didn’t have a wide enough variety of phones. That is the only area where T-Mobile is lacking, in my opinion. If they had better phone options, they’d be more of a contender. Oh well, I hope everything works out with this AT&T deal.

  • I'm ze true silver hare

    Also they don’t have like overage charges. I was able to pay my own bill with my families wireless plan. since I left for college I decided to pay for my phone individually so I was able to leave my families plan individually. But I wasn’t charged or anything. Sometimes I forget to pay the bill once a month, and they are so kind. I know I’ve been at least 5 weeks behind on payments before but they didn’t cut my service. They just called me and asked me if I planned to pay, and of course I did. So I payed that bill and never got any extra charges, to my shock. So I honestly suggest AT&T to everyone who has problems with their phone company. But if you like your phone service than that’s fine too. But if not, I strongly suggest AT&T.

  • WHY2K?

    Soon there will only be AT&T, and Verizon. All these conglomerates not leaving no space for small business to grow in the future.

  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    I was with AT&T when the first Iphone came out and I liked the Iphone but the bill was like 120 a month so I switched to Tmobile and I get more minutes and unlimited data for 75 a month ..

  • Maiko

    T-Mobile’s service is far superior to At&T’s for the cost. They also have excellent customer service. I once didn’t have to pay my bill for a whole year, because of a defective phone they sent me. (Even though I think it was my fault).

  • buggin_out

    My thoughts exactly. AT&T means one thing: HIGHER PRICES!

  • buggin_out

    I dislike AT&T as well but to be fair no cellular carrier currently has a true 4G network yet. They’re all exaggerating.

  • ByrdLady

    I LOVE AT&T…but I work there so I guess my opinion doesn’t count. LOL!

    • SpiceTing

      I guess we will be partners cause I’m at T-Mobile

  • Princess

    I have Metro Pcs they have great phones and service.

  • Stiletto21

    You can easily unlock and jailbreak any iPhone by going on YouTube or a tech site for an online tutorial. Just google it. It took me 10 minutes, and I’ve had an
    iPhone on T Mobile for 2 years now. It saves me $90/ month on my unlimited plan, and T mobile’s customer service is much better!!!

  • Lark

    I don’t think this is a good thing. Not sure. I know a lot of folk that complain about AT&T. I’ve dealt with both and haven’t had any real issues but I prefer Tmobiles customer service.

  • beautiful.

    Sprint is still the best.
    Unlimited Data plan: 65.00 a month.
    Customer Service is amazing, wide variety of cell phones, etc.

    & I know someone did not mention Metro PCS. They have thee worst service, but they have great prices.

  • Witchcraft

    Thats a great thing for the customers but not for the employees, I hope AT&T fires all the T-mobiles employees, actually I’m sure they will :).

  • Lisa

    Nooo…..I’ve been a T-mobile customer since 2002. Why??? This is a sad say for loyal customers.

  • anon

    I love T-Mobile I really hate this is happening

  • Scarlett

    I’ve had AT&T for years..even when they were Cellular One and Cingular Wireless…and I’ve never had a problem with them

  • Well Well

    I love T-Mobile. I’ve never had a problem with them and the customer service is great. This is sad.

  • http://ilovetmobile lovetmobile

    WHO EVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE IS SADLY MISGUIDED…I only c positive in this merger for at&t….I’ve been with tmobile for 5 years and had the “loyal custumer plan”…service is great…plan prices r great….customer service is great…

  • if anything be noble

    It should be illegal to be this big. Smh (I have TM and love them but if they grandfather us in to keep our unlimited data plans that we have now, that’s the only way I’ll stay after the merger.) This phone business is such a shady butt racket. They get so much money… For what? Wish I would be giving somebody 2,3,400 dollars a month for a phone bill… Need to live in that phone. Smh

  • ice1

    I agree, when I heard the news I was shocked. I thought t-mobile was doing good. I just left ripoff Sprint to come over to t-mobile and find the service way better and you can’t beat the plans. Its sad day in mobile phone history. I guess I got to shop around again for another good cell company 😦

  • Eri

    How funny! I just switched to AT&T from tmobile because I’ve had nothing but bad service from them and the only thing I don’t love about AT&T is the price but it’s mostly worth it!

  • Monsta Don

    If anything, this makes AT&T truly able to compete with Verizon as far as size, and definitely network speeds and quality…Verizon chose an antiquated less upgradeable network for their internet/data transmission. T-Mobile poured Billions into the new infrastructure…but just found they’d probably never get enough customers to justify the expense.


  • S

    T-Mobile does have the IPhone. They were awarded the rights to sell it in Europe at the same time AT&T was allowed to sell it in the US.

    I abhor AT&T. I think this is the worst thing that could happen to T-Mobile.

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