Blind Item: What R&B Star Is Quite The Divo?

- By Bossip Staff

Starring in big budget flicks has turned one cocoa-colored star into quite the drama king. According to sources, the well-built crooner arrived to a recent shoot several hours late, apologized for his tardiness — then unleashed his list of wants. “He was kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” says a source.

“He was going out of his way to seem polite initially, but then started making a bunch of demands. It was kind of funny and phony.” His biggest request? Speakers so he could listen to music while he was prepped for hair and make-up. Guess that wouldn’t have been too bad except he made the entire set listen to his album… on repeat… for the entire shoot. He also sang his songs all afternoon. “That got old quickly,” adds the source. “Everyone thought it was hilarious.” Hopefully, too much success won’t transform the star much more.

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    It can’t be Ne-Yo, just can’t be.

    • jmagic

      Its amazing you guys have to fill your interracial quota for the day,but you cant remember to spell check,what is a divo?

    • Sally

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  • daahlingnikki

    It’s Tyrese…He seems divaish…So Im not surprised…

    • uh????


    • Ms_Lady

      Tyress hasn’t had a album out in years. I think it’s Chris Breezy, he loves to joke around a lot. He was probably just being funny and promoting his new album at the same time.

    • Ms_Lady


  • BreezyBeEasy

    It’s Tyrese. Hence the word “transform”

    • Yeah. . .I Said It!

      You’re right, it is Tyrese. The use of what should be “Coca-Cola”, not “cocoa-colored” (he got his start doing Coca-Cola commercials) and the term “Transform” are the major hints.

    • LYRICS



    nah its tyrese

  • Vanessa Lutz

    It says “well built” & “cocoa colored” so that rules out Queen Neyo. Sounds like the other douchebag, Tyrese. If you read his Twitter page you can see he’s a walking va-gina.

    • Shanda


    • LadyLOGICbeatzREASON

      LMAO!! Yeah, his Twitter handle should be “Le Douche”
      He’s a self-righteous little man, isn’t he? I used to be a fan ’til he started oversharing on Twitter. Now I think he’s a bonafide lame.

  • tommykimon

    It’s Tyrese, The referenced Coca Cola and Transformers which he was in both.


    Tyrese!! Well built, singer, actor, cocoa coloured, as in coca cola.. definitely him.

  • LA

    Hence the hair and makeup thing.

  • exact

    cocoa colored, tyrese rose to fame off of cola commercials, and is WELL BUILT!! This is TYRESE Im sure of it….

  • zey

    WOW I love how they basically Tell you its Tyrese i.e “he got his start in a coca cola commercial and he’s currently in transformers” yet people still cant figure it out… what more do you want a picture of his face…. p.s who knows if this b.s. is true or not .. whatever..

  • Toy

    I hate the guessing games that u never get the answer to.

  • Bdot

    Definitely Tyrese “Dadadadadaaalways coca cooola..”

  • Nana

    I love me some Tyrese…..So what if he is a DIVA??

  • ladyt

    It’s Tyrese. Had to unfollow him on twitter! I think he’s full of himself. Split personalities!!

  • I Stay SMH

    I would say Tyrese but does even still make music? CB has a new album.

  • Friday Night Social

    Tyrese….he fine but he is just a mess…

  • Dilla

    I do believe that it’s Tyrese but what’s throwing me off is the playing of his album. Tyrese hasn’t had an album in a while. I hope he wasn’t acting like the man, bumping that old ish. Still love him though.

  • Dilla

    I should have read this better. They mentioned nothing about cocoa cola or transformers. I nominate Trey Songz for this blind item. He’s in love with himself and a narcissist. I think Trey stares in the mirror and makes love to himself. He’s so overly conceited

  • darealwifey

    Sounds like Tyrese to me, too. Dude definitely seems like he has an ego. I loved him earlier in his career, but I can’t stand folks who are full of themselves.

  • hotta than a lotta

    Could be Idriss…too dont forget abot him!

  • Moanmyname

    Cant be neyo. IT SAID HAIR AND MAKEUP- neyo doesnt have any hair

  • Ditty

    “Cocoa-Cola” “Transform” this is Tyrese all the way. he was discovered on a Coke commercial and starred in Transformers. Too easy ya’ll

  • Sandy

    Tyress that was way to easy.

  • shanita102

    Oh snap it IS Tyrese! Im ova here thinkin y’all talkin bout Queen Latifah…my bad!

  • Ro

    I thought this was a way easy clue but seeing that people are guessing people other than Tyrese…maybe it wasnt so easy.
    This is definitely Tyrese

    • and ur point is?

      @Ro-those were easy clues…these people r jus stupid as he*l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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