Hate It Or Love It?!?!: Kelly Rowland Keeps It Real Simple For New Jawn “I’m That Chick”

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland has yet to put out a new album because her camp must still be in search of a banger. This new jawn called “I’m That Chick”, whether it was released officially or not, is not really it. The lyrics have been all the way dumbed down for everyone to catch on quick… HMMMMMM!!!

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Hate It or Love It?!?!

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    doesnt sound like her..but its okay good for that type of music.

  • http://yahoo enough said!!

    Kelly is talented. I think it is so sad she played in the shadows of Bey! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think kelly is a sympathy case, after all, kelly did get paid. However, I think her career could have jumped hurdles by now if kelly had/ was able to have “people” evaluating her best interest.

  • wendy

    I like it…its a different style for Kelly but I would listen to it. I don’t think its a club banger but a nice track to add on her new album.

  • whodat

    I think she shitted on ’em. lol


    i would’ve been harder if she had the short punkier cut.

    this weave shiz is so generic and boring now.

    kelly is one of those faces that can rock both styles, but ‘definitely’ looks younger & more modern with the short do. :mrgreen:

    • Smart23yroldBlackchick

      i TOTALLY agree! she should let Beyonce keep rockin the boring weaves

  • Roab

    I love it but I can do without the Autotuned voice. I think its so tacky. It makes you sound like every other artist..this could be Kerri,Nicole…hell anybody. I want to hear it live, it will sound better I’m sure. But in my eyes Kelly can do no wrong.

  • Meesh

    This can’t be a song for adults! The lyrics sounds like something Willow or Cymphonique (Master P’s daughter) would sing and dance too. As a grown woman, I can’t listen to rhetoric all day and call it music. Give me some sustance. Kelly, let’s try again.

  • Melissa Lee

    LOVE IT!

  • exotica

    haven’t listened to it yet but i love kelly. so beautiful and talented. she seems like a sweetheart. so many years in the industry yet she’s still humble…go kelly

  • Jessica

    I like Kelly – she’s gorgeous! I hope that she finds her niche and things take off for her.

  • Me

    Kelly is a beautiful girl. This song isn’t totally my type. But, I could see lots of non-Black kids enjoying dancing to this in the club. And, frankly, I believe that’s where the money’s at. Kelly is a talented lady. She deserves some success.


    she sounds like willow smith. use your real voice kelly.

  • Nessa1226

    Did any of you idiots read what Jamie wrote? Motivation is her first single. Ya’ll just want a reason to hate Kelly, but she is #WINNING #MOTIVATION

  • Lola


  • Lola

    How is she gonna have a song called IM THAT CHICK…OMG she cant be serious….Good byeeee be gone

  • rico

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook.com/shikiboo shikiboo

    hated it! Autotune WTF?!!!

  • bunnypoo

    Nice track for the album

  • Daniel


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