WTF??? Paris Hilton Dumped Vin Diesel Because She “Can’t Stand Black Guys”

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s more proof that Paris Hilton is a racist skank.

Author and journalist Neil Strauss just released a book containing out takes and anecdotes from various celebrity interviews. And this is what he had to share about Rick and Kathy’s daughter.

So, this guy right here was a no…

But these dudes are okay…

In other words, not only is Paris a racist skank, she’s a gold digging attention whore who will put aside her racist a** values for the right price and situation.

That’s Ciara’s peoples though.


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  • Smart23yroldBlackchick

    You can’t believe everything you read. BUT if Paris really said that,,,,,um

    who wants a skinny dirty girl who can’t keep her legs closed?

    • nocolor

      I support Inter/racial relationships! I believe love has no color!

      ~~~ Blac k Whi te Da te. C’ 0- M ~~~

      This club is for those of us that don’t discriminate! This is to all my people who don’t care about somebody’s ethnic background, just how they are on the inside.

      If you want to find a sincere Inter/racial relationship. If you are serious. Come and join us!

    • AMBER

      too be honest… i cant stand em either. good or bad,light or dark, theyre all insecure. and i hate that they cant even hide it.

    • Sally

      My friends told me about — AffluentS ingle* C0- M —–told It’s the be’st pl’ace to me’et Milli’onaire si’ngles. It is the first and best club for wealthy people and their admirers. D’ating CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, and even Hollywood celebrities is an easy experience there…you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there. 😉
      nice experience——-

    • AMBER

      Mind you, the PuertoRican men are the worst…lazy, chronically unemployed, uneducated, violent, jailbirds, fat, sloppy, no ambition. Whatever skin tone they are they are all the same…LOSERS.

    • AMBER

      @ AMBER ( with the pink avi)

      if you are gonna bite my style, why dont you just call yourself amber 2. because evreyone knows i only blog with a amber avi.

    • Tyrone

      Damn , you cannot tell me 50 cent dont look like a monkey. F-ck ” in da club” , “in da zoo”.Damn he simian looking.

    • jmagic

      HOw can website that dog black men who date white women,actually be upset a white woman doesnt want black men,are you people working out of a Mental Institute


      For all of you who don’t want to believe this is true, just think about this: If it were not true, this Neil Strauss guy would have been sued PROMPTLY!! Reporters always have a hand held recording device while conducting interviews to prevent ppl from later claiming they were misquoted or lied on, and try as she may; she cannot deny the facts. Sadly enough brothas; a lot of white girls feel this exact way about you, but will suk & fuk u anyway if it’s beneficial to them
      Tsk tsk…


      For all of you who don’t want to believe this is true, just think about this: If it were not true, this Neil Strauss guy would have been sued PROMPTLY!! Reporters always have a hand held recording device while conducting interviews to prevent ppl from later claiming they were misquoted or lied on, and try as she may; she cannot deny the facts. Sadly enough though brothas; a lot of white girls feel this exact way about you, but will $uck & %uck u anyway if it’s beneficial to them
      Tsk tsk…

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    Where are all the self haters? Let me guess you havent figured out a way to make this black women’s fault? *crickets*

    • StuckInDaMatrix

      Da Honest! you speak nothing but the truth.

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    Puleeze.. Black men will still be lined up to kiss her racist @ss.. The black man doesn’t mind when a white woman feels this way about him – in fact – I believe it makes her more attractive to him and appealing as a conquest.. If a black man can turn a racist white woman out he feels like he’s really done something big.. Trust me – they’ll be lined up for her.. Every rapper/entertainer out there will be fighting to get into her next big bash!!

    • ReallyNotINterested

      For starters, you’re an idiot! Secondly, Vin Diesel is not black and at no time has ever claimed to be African American. And when have you ever heard or read black men saying they want Paris Hilton? This chick is on no one’s radar! Nobody is checking for her- including white men! Like this website, you just wanted to create a little buzz for yourself by promoting incorrect information. That you would come on this site and make up fake accusations against the black man only testifies to how desperate and pathetic you really are. Get a life!

    • White Mike

      He is black biracial or not and Paris like all white folks told it like it is.

    • Lisa

      Vin Disel is 1/16 black check is family tree and he has also claimed it. Now for as Paris which her name should have be Nijeria cause she just dried up and she probley sent this post herself. She hunts out black men , black men like meat on the bone baby, does just like to play with bones and then bury them.

    • Sepia830

      Vin Diesel IS half black. He said early on that he doesn’t like focusing on race but when asked about being half black he has never denied it.

  • UVA

    It’s “you’re”, as in Eric you’re dumb.

  • purple love

    Gold digger tho? O_O

  • drenk

    vin diesels black?

    • Shut your face

      yes. and so is mariah. Nicole Ritchie is Pueto Rican though…. and that is your lesson for the day. lol

    • drenk

      @ Shut your face

      is this gonna be on the final?

  • just me_sunflower

    Vin Diesel is black? Really? Thank god, I don’t live in the states, this whole who’s black or white or latino or whatever is waaaay too confusing for me. You all should relax and start look on others simply as people. Just a humble advice.

  • http://! Just Bored

    So that’s why Nicole Ritchie dumped her as a friend. I wonder if she went all racial on her?

    And Drenk, I think he is Black when he wants to be. It’s all about the paycheck.

  • maiko

    wow that is sad.

    and in Nicole Ritchie’s case, she tries really hard to NOT look black. You would never be able to tell with all the blonding and etc.

    • AMBER

      Following JLO’S lead with all the skin bleaching and blond weaves trying not to look too PuertoRican.

  • daahlingnikki

    this is nothing new coming from the queen of the herpes…she has always let it be known that she is racist…

  • Jay

    Vin diesel is half African-American and half Italian American. He doesn’t talk about it and is very elusive with the question but he is a black man or half a black man.

    • Just Sayin...

      It’s a pity – he’s ashamed – this is why he won’t discuss – wants to make it seem as it it’s irrelevant when it’s not – a sign of not being happy with who/what you are.

  • ReallyNotINterested

    Perhaps you need to reevaluate your definition of lining up for her. Because black celebrities attend parties in which Paris is hosting or sponsoring means nothing. Hollywood is fake in general! Paris can say whatever crap she wants about black men. At the end of the day she is not coveted by black men! You take two or three pictures and you layer all black men with jumping to get with Paris. You need to relinquish your stereotypical views of black men.

  • DMV Keith

    I’m not surprised! 99% of white Hollywood feels that same way…

  • daahlingnikki

    and nicole richie isn’t all black…she was adopted by lionel and his first wife…she is sheila e’s niece…her brother pete is nicoles biological father…

    • Jen

      That’s the rumor but Nicole denies it and said she knows who her father is and it ain’t Pete. She can’t stand him or Shelia E, and by the way Sheila E and Pete have a black mother and Mexican father. Word is that Lionel is Nicole’s real dad that he knocked up this white chick while he was married to brenda and paid his good friend pete to take the fall.

  • Janay

    Goes to show how sad some black men are…Yea she has a pic with cici but look up top and you will see mostly thirsty black men. I think 50 even mentioned her in a song. Goes to show that thirsty self hating black men can only get a white woman with a lot of money. It’s a sick mental problem to be so thirsty for women who don’t even love you back. Don’t believe them when they say all races jock them.

  • Peppa

    I agree with you@Dahonest….And remember when she was asked about Stevie Wonder when they honored him in 2008, and she was like I’ll take Tony Bennett on any given day. Nobody was even talking about that man. They were asking all the celebs about Stevie. She looks like a pink, skeleton, and I am shocked at all the rappers who tailed behind her, because I always thought they loved the Beyonce look, not the Celine Dion look.

  • TheTruth01

    I TOLD U: A “REAL” White WOMAN with money and is attractive DOESNT want a Ni*G*GER MAN!! How many gorgeous white women do you see on the arm of an ape? 0-1% and if they are: ITS THE APES MONEY!!! THATS ALL, Bye-Bye!!! LOL

    • jenna love

      Paris Hilton is ugly with a funny looking nose her opinion of blck people don’t hinder my life one bit.

  • TheTruth01

    Well said!

  • Gianna

    LMFAOOOO is this is even true, I agree with her 100%
    Black men ain’t nothing but thugs, wannabes and don’t value education, family or respect for women.

    I don’t think she’s being racist, it’s a preference

    • Just Sayin...

      Your ignorance is showing – you just made a generalization about Black men that’s just not true – perhaps those are the Black men that you attract but there are plenty out there who actually are the opposite of what you posted – sit down now…

  • jasmin

    @thetruth01… i guess you never heard of heidi klum & seal??

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      Gee she found ONE!! LOL – you go gurl!!

      Don’t even get me started on that rebound relationship.. If the man Heidi Klum got knocked up to keep hadn’t dumped her anyway – for Naomi Campbell – Heidi wouldn’t never have even met Seal let alone rebounded to a man willing to take her while knocked up with another mans child.. I’m convinced if it weren’t for the 3 kids he very quickly impregnated her with she would have left him by now.. In fact I give them another couple of years before you’re reading of their break-up..

    • Bianca

      There is NO WAY hiedi klum would hav dated, let alone married seal if the very ugly billionaire she purposely got knocked up by had not dumped her. She had never dated black before. Seal is ‘brave’ for marrying a woman who slept with him while being 2-3 months pregnant and did not tell him before. Sure they seem to make it work, but the start of their relationship is NOTHING enviable, ans Seal would never hav married her had she been black. Heidi picked him (i guess the only one who fell for her wiles cause i am sure she tried MANY men) as he had confessed a crush on her while dating tyra banks.

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      Girl stop it. Seal and the whole world knew that Heidi Klum was pregnant for that man.. It came before she even broke up with the childs father let alone before she hooked up with Seal.. Seal was just that desperate for white validation that he took a white mans knocked up discard – and I agree with you that he would never have done this with a black woman… He wouldn’t have been as desperate for a black woman..

    • #goingIN

      @DaHonestTruth and Bianca…so you two agree that Heidi Klum was a gold digging pigeon looking for a nest to lay her egg?

    • Leen

      Thank you, Da Honest! I’ve been saying the same thing since they hooked up & married. Had Heidi been a pregnant, abandoned black woman, Seal would’ve never wifed her up!

  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Damn you troll

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real


  • Stacey

    I love black men ..So if you dont want them ill take them..Well they always choose me over you ugly weave wearing, multiple kid having, black ghetto trash anyways

    That is all have a nice day

    • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

      I Am Legend, is that you?? LOL @ the trolls!!! Its good that you’ll “take” them because Paris d@mn sure wont!!!

    • kerry(i'm on a's called charlie sheen)

      Stacey you are clearly a black man. Please stop making fools of yourselves.

    • Stacey

      And you clearly are fat, nappy headed and on welfare .. Black men are KINGS and should be treated as such ..

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Ok,1st off,this is old & lastly,why should we care? If black men aren’t her fancy?oh well…life goes on! lol
    I will say this tho,she allegedly can’t stand them but takes a pic with a popular/famous one every chance she gets while being all over them too eh? Paris girl,please! SMH

  • lt

    i believe it.

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