Pay Yo Bills! Ja Rule Faces An ADDITIONAL 3 Years In Prison, Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion!!

- By Bossip Staff

“All of those rainyyy daaays, spend ya lifetime tryin’ to wash awaaaaay”

Ja Rule agreed to pay over $1.1 million in tax debts and IRS penalties after the rapper pleaded guilty to tax evasion Tuesday. Ja—whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins—pleaded guilty in Newark federal court to three counts of failing to file a tax return, from 2004 through 2008, despite earning income from touring and royalties from his albums.

U.S. federal judge Patty Shwartz set Ja Rule’s bail at $500,000 and permitted the Grammy nominated rapper’s release pending sentencing scheduled for June 13. Each count of tax evasion carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison. Early June will be a busy time period for Atkins as he was already scheduled to begin a two-year sentence for gun possession in relation to a 2007 arrest on June 8. Between the previous weapon charges and the tax penalties, Ja Rule faces a possible five years in prison.

“Each of us must pay our fair share to keep this country going,” U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said in a statement. Ja is reportedly working on a sequel to his triple-platinum album Pain Is Love in the remaining months before his prison term begins.

Man, this guy can’t win for losing. When will these niccas learn??? You can cheat on your wife, you can cheat spades, but you can’t cheat Uncle Sam!


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  • Do more reading

    Its MURDER!!!! on his pockets.

    • brittany


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  • KT

    Mr Atkins better call Mr Curtis Jackson for a loan.

    • AMBER

      i think he should just cut the Bull and sign with G-unit. i miss ja rule and the inc.
      ( tears)

  • brittany

    eminem already ended his career 7 years ago so another 2-5 years of no more ja-rule’s annoying voice won’t hurt

  • $k8orDIE

    Why is it that they are so quick to throw ti, ja rule, wesley snipes in jail but this NO TALENTED lindsay blohan commits a FELONY on probation and she is still walkin the streets? This JUDICIAL SYSTEM is a F%&@in JOKE YO! I AGREE WITH WESLEY SNIPES THO, PAYING TAXES IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! You pay all these taxes and they still cant balance a budget and the first thing they wanna close is a school or hospital in the inner city!

  • Mr. Cool

    Always pay Uncle Sam.

    The only people that don’t pay Uncle Sam are the ones that push for tax cuts legally or force the Prez into a continuation of Bush Era tax cuts.

    In fact they even were given a period to come clean with no jail time.

  • herbert

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  • Nana

    Imma whoop Uncle Sam’s azz when I see him!!!

    Yo anybody knows Uncle Sam’s number???? Am sick of him bullying people n sh!t

  • Street Pharmacist

    [Thinking Out-loud] I Love To See My Ni**a’s Suffer…!

  • @j_eleby

    least hes oayin it keep ya head up rule

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