You Ain’t Slick… Ci-Error Talks That Sh*t Then Acts Innocent

- By Bossip Staff

Just when you thought the beef was over…

Yesterday as news broke that Rihanna is having trouble filling arenas Ci-Error took to Twitter commenting:

Many folks were quick to speculate that Ci-Ci was taking shots in retaliation to RihRih’s previous comments about her abilities to book a stage.

Even some among Rihanna’s “Navy” thought that might be the case.

But Ciara was quick to deny any wrongdoing or ill will on her part.

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  • understandingoverignorance

    Ha Ha Ha…But Rih Rih selling out the O2 in London still killing them over seas that’s where most artist real fans show support.

    • Smart23yroldBlackchick

      LOL!!!! When I heard Rhi was having trouble seeling them tickets the first person I thought of was CIARA!!

      RIanna put her foot way up in her mouth!

      When I saw Rihanna being vulgar at the Grammys with Drae I folks would get sick of her!!!!!!

      She better give everyone a FULL REFUND!!

    • Sally

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    • Mrs. Rance

      Kelly Rolland sells in London as well as many UK acts we have never even heard of. US success is what makes you a superstar.

    • huh

      Ciara did the same thing on “Fashion Police’. Nobody asked her about Rihanna personally, she’s the one who wanted to go there on a FASHION show.

      At least now she’s doing it in the right venue…she can say whatever she wants to Rihanna on twitter because it’s her own platform. I guess it feels satisfying for her, but if I was Ciara I would focus more on my music and less on being Lala & Kim’s backup. Rihanna may not be selling tickets satateside, but she’s still all over the radio. That’s something Ciara cant even do right now.

  • Yea OK!

    Rihanna will whoop the lacefront off of Ci-error…she better be easy with all that

    • uh????

      Ummmm, I must disagree with you on this one!!!

      While Ciara does seem alot more demure than Rihanna, I believe that Rihanna is an excellent actress and is putting on a good show for her fans today acting tough and all that, she talks a good one, but I just think that Ciara might beat the dog s**t out of Rihanna!!!

    • Erika

      Ummm…I can’t agree with that one either. Ciara might dust ol’ girl! LOL

    • Yea OK!

      both of you are WRONG!!!! Rihanna is an island girl and we all know they never fight fair! Yea Ciara might give her a lil run for her $$$ butI think Rihanna will get in dat A$$!!!

  • http://bossip shamey

    Ciara still need to put a muzzle on it. Last I checked all Ciara could book was a ticket to court side- Rihanna still has many endorsements, numerous hit songs, 3-4 million sold, she may not be able to book a tour in the states due to the fact no one her takes her serious, but the chick can book a date across the lawn in a minute, she has a label…I could go on, and Ciara I have nothing to say about you, what is there you can’t get a date at a local high school !? and yes she was throwing shade !! ! and hell nall I don’t like Riahnna it is what…..


    theyre both second rate bey beys anyway.

  • jasmin

    Agreed… quit the subliminals & the sensitivity. I saw no names, so stop stirring conflict between the two. Besides E! confirmed this was false. Rihanna’s tickets are selling out.

  • Stacy

    I really don’t care Neither one of them are paying my bills!!

  • Nana

    We all know its EASY 2 kick Rihanna’s azz………….LMAO

    • kerry(i'm on a's called charlie sheen)


    • dolbellz

      B*tch pls, lets see you go one round with Chris!

    • anhBelle

      Idk-I don’t think Domestic Violence is such a funny topic.

  • Brooklyn

    ppl just start something from nothing every artist is having problems filling arenas mainly in the U.S. overseas they are selling out but the key word is arenas thousands of seats

  • Hater

    Thats the problem with these (cough) “stars” nowadays too much damn time on their hands and little intellect, always media socializing on twitter, facebook, myspace and whatever the f**k else they called! These retards need a real job! #STFU&GETAREALJOBHOE

  • mspeelicious

    oh come of it already @ Rhi fans! so Ciara is not supposed to have a life outside of Rihanna? really? people just want to create drama over nothing!

  • nunu

    Ppl will create a story out of anything ! I dnt care I don’t know neither one of them and they aint paying my bills so who gives a f u c k !!!!!!!!!

    • Stacy

      I hear what you are saying who cares!!

  • Teal_Blade

    take back your picture in a frame.. take back your singing in the rain.. just hope yall understand..

  • Mrs. Rance

    I thought it was crazy that the blogs took that leap based off of her tweet too. Who knows what she was talking about. Clearly people think they know what she meant because Rihanna soooo had it coming. That doesn’t make it so.

  • Jessica

    Why are we talking about Ciara? Does she have a new album coming out? *yawn*

    • Jessica

      And is Ciara touring soon or something? No seriously, I’m wondering if I missed that.

    • JenB

      Bwahahahahaha!! I was wondering the same thing. Haven’t read about any sellout or SRO shows. Did any of us miss something? Thanks for chuckle gotta get back to work!

  • NayNay

    ummm… I dont think this is true bc my best friend wanted to get tickets for us but didnt bc no good seats were available so as far as i kno, she is selling just fine here in Boston/ New England area

    • haha

      nope, in Boston she sold 3700 seats, she needed $15,000 to break even.

  • Leilani

    Uuuh Ciara needs to chill because last time I checked, she has done anything good since that song Missy helped her with… I don’t even remember the title, that’s how old and insignificant she is lol

  • Maeva

    well people in the usa are broke that’s why they can’t afford to buy a concert ticket.Especially black people



  • MacMoon

    I would pay good money to see them mud wrestling!

  • PrettyLady08

    People are reaching like hell

  • jmagic

    This chick is 2 faced,and why the hell is somebody who doesnt have a job,always on horrible entertainment website

  • yeah right

    They both need to stop using auto tune and pick a new career thing is rihanna can laugh at ciara because she has jay z as long she has king devil jay she gone keep on makin. albums………someone please make them both go away

  • me

    lol, twitter is dangerous.



  • ~ChynaPeach~

    And if she was talking slick, if thats not even the case why would Rihanna even care? If it is true why would Rihanna even care? I dont like when someone says something but doesnt stick by it. But who am I right? Im as irrelevant as Ciara. But if you think Im this or that and you say it, id have a lot more respect for you.

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