Guess Who Sade Has Chosen To Be The FIRST Featured Artist On Any Of Her Albums???

- By Bossip Staff

Sade has NEVER had an collaboration with another artist on any of her 6 studio albums, but she has finally chosen the first…

“MJ at Summer Jam, Obama on the text, y’all should be afraid of what I’m gon do next…”

Early last year, Sade declined to work with Drake and said she shunned collaborations. But now, it seems the singer had a change of heart. For her upcoming Ultimate Collection set, she teamed up with Jay-Z for the track, “Moon & The Sky”. The project is scheduled to be released on May 3rd…

This guy Jay-Z has GOT to be the luckiest son-of-a-b*tch in America! What IS he gonna do next??? Play on playa…


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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    You had to know if she worked with anyone in the rap game it would have been

    Jay Z
    Andre 3000

    • Right

      You are a 100% right.

    • Sally

      My friends told me about — AffluentS ingle* C0- M —–told It’s the be’st pl’ace to me’et Milli’onaire si’ngles. It is the first and best club for wealthy people and their admirers. D’ating CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, and even Hollywood celebrities is an easy experience there…you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there. 😉
      nice experience——-

    • hahaha

      Sade has and official song with Krazy Bone and it is reported as fact that she has an ureleased remix of “Lovers Rock” with Nas. Jay-z is not the first.

  • Daisy Jay

    Are you serious…………

    F*ck him. *eyes turn green*

    • chaka1

      I will skip this one Sade. Expected more from you. Got my tickets for the Miami show though…

  • 5150

    I won’t buy this album

    • Just Sayin...

      …and you’re not buying the album will not hurt her sales…

    • @justsayin

      and your comment is going to fatten your pockets? Let me give you the answer since you probably can’t figure it out: NO. 34P

    • minerva

      you weren’t going to buy it in the first place! one song does not an album make…
      y’all kill me with this,”i’m not buying the album” crap! most of you ain’t buying a lot of artist-ain’t got no $$$$!!!!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Kool, that’s my bday! 🙂

  • Ms.Live@5

    Maybe Kanye but didn’t see this one coming. Oh well ya see kids what swagger jacking and paying off Ghosts writers gets you great success like being the first to duet with Sade congratulations S.Carter….Priceless 🙂

    • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

      LOL @ you believing someone ghost writes for Jay

    • Coop

      LOL at someone ghost writing for the GOAT.

  • Daisy Jay

    She’s so gorgeous and flawless, I can’t fathom it. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • calista

    Sade finally got the message that brother will get you paid! Yea trying to stay off the shelf..I went to her last concert!

  • Ms PaRker

    No NoT CaMeL

  • Tasha-bo-bosha

    Jay-z?!?! Didn’t see that coming. I’m not sure about it but have seen worse collabo, Ke$ha and Andre 3000. BTW Andre3000 made that sing.

  • Brooklyn

    i know it was alot of money involved

  • dee

    Jay Z’s got his claws in every DAMN thing.


    • chrissy

      @ Dee i coped it when it came out my fav is Friends and leader……

      Lets all take a bow take a bow…this ones for all the leaders…leaders…lets all take a bow….take a bow…

      dont get me started wit nas/damian….

  • Sha

    It’s “The end of days” lol

    • truth

      from a sade song? im so sure. lol.:P

  • lycra

    As long as its not weezy im happy….but im surprised she would choose a rapper when her music more jazz like. i would have guessed someone like bono before i would jayz

  • Hey

    He paid Mad money to get on with Sade. $$$$

  • Cris

    Im sure its gonna b hot!!! Keep hatin haters

  • chelle

    Damn, I was hoping it was prince!

  • SMH

    wow, my money was on Nas

  • kg


  • RAW

    @ Calista, hatin much? Even at 50, I’m sure she’s way hotter, richer and more successful that you could ever dream to be!!

  • Ryda4life

    I would have thought Andre 3000, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, as far as Rapper go. Maxwell, Seal , John legend,Prince as far as singers . Sade this man made a mockery of your forehead “come on now” are you really gonna do a song with this cat???? I guess everybody has a price. As far as track records go your was perfect…….Please do another “Sweetback” album….

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    MJ at Summer Jam, Obama on the text, y’all should be afraid of what I’m gon do next…


    I guessed right…

  • chrissy

    you’ll always know the reason why ….we couldn’t have the moon n the sky…’ll always know the reason why this love…ain’t gonna let you go…….

    THAT IS MY JAMMMM he betta do it justice……

  • Allie

    Honestly we can’t judge too quickly, lets hear the song first.. then we can talk, it might not be that bad

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I love Sade,I bet u Jay still floatin!

  • Magic

    really sade? JayZ….We’ll see, at least it’s not Beyonce.

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