Which One Would You Hit???: Martin As Big Momma Or Tyler Perry As Madea

- By Bossip Staff

Martin and Tyler

Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry – Two grown a** men that have to dress up as women in order to make it to the big screen, now that says a lot. Nevertheless, they are funny and funny looking but we want to know, if it came down to it and you had to pick one…

Which One Would You Hit???

Martin Lawrence in Big Momma's House

Tyler Perry:
Tyler Perry In Madea's Big Happy Family

Who do you think is packin’???

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  • Tasha-Bo-bosha

    What the hell kinda question is this?!?!

    • Stacy

      Thank you!!

      You post the question before I did!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Uh…well, I wouldn’t hit Madea or Big Mama, but I must say I really can’t call which one is packing the most. They both give me the impression they might be working with a little something. And believe it or not, I think Madea is funnier.

  • Mondi

    And the winner is MADEA!!!

  • Just BoredS]

    Not if they were the last two men on earth!

  • Ugh....again?!?

    Stupid azs qwestion..

  • realdeal


  • Unico

    Does this included Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire) and (Dustin Hoffman (Tootsie)?

  • Christie_love

    Madea is funny as HECK! Check out how she is wearing the Snooki hairdo.LOL!

  • I Am Allergic to Space-Wasting, Self-Hating, Self-Loathing Racist Little Girls Like "Legend"

    These are funny guys so its hard to envision them as “sex” symbols.

  • uh????

    I don’t think there is anything funny looking about Tyler Perry.

    I think he is a handsome man and his Madea character is hilarious. Cant say I would fantasize about hitting Madea, but if Tyler was down, ME TOO!!!!

    But I’d prefer just Tyler!!!

  • Nana

    Lame question!!!!!!! LOL

  • Nana

    He/she didn’t jus say “If Tyler was DOWN me TOO!!!!!»»»» LMAO #Pause!!!????

  • DMV Guy

    Hollywood tries to put ALL Black male actors in the trick bag. Too bad, most fall for it…

  • Kim

    Tyler needs to stop arching his brows.. he is soo feminine.. and that gay azz dyk suking mouth…LMAOOOO

  • mstarchia


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