Which One Would You Hit???: Martin As Big Momma Or Tyler Perry As Madea

- By Bossip Staff

Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry – Two grown a** men that have to dress up as women in order to make it to the big screen, now that says a lot. Nevertheless, they are funny and funny looking but we want to know, if it came down to it and you had to pick one…

Which One Would You Hit???

Tyler Perry:

Who do you think is packin’???

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  • Tasha-Bo-bosha

    What the hell kinda question is this?!?!

    • Stacy

      Thank you!!

      You post the question before I did!!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Uh…well, I wouldn’t hit Madea or Big Mama, but I must say I really can’t call which one is packing the most. They both give me the impression they might be working with a little something. And believe it or not, I think Madea is funnier.

  • Mondi

    And the winner is MADEA!!!

  • Just BoredS]

    Not if they were the last two men on earth!

  • Ugh....again?!?

    Stupid azs qwestion..

  • realdeal


  • Unico

    Does this included Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire) and (Dustin Hoffman (Tootsie)?

  • Christie_love

    Madea is funny as HECK! Check out how she is wearing the Snooki hairdo.LOL!

  • I Am Allergic to Space-Wasting, Self-Hating, Self-Loathing Racist Little Girls Like "Legend"

    These are funny guys so its hard to envision them as “sex” symbols.

  • uh????

    I don’t think there is anything funny looking about Tyler Perry.

    I think he is a handsome man and his Madea character is hilarious. Cant say I would fantasize about hitting Madea, but if Tyler was down, ME TOO!!!!

    But I’d prefer just Tyler!!!

  • Nana

    Lame question!!!!!!! LOL

  • Nana

    He/she didn’t jus say “If Tyler was DOWN me TOO!!!!!»»»» LMAO #Pause!!!????

  • DMV Guy

    Hollywood tries to put ALL Black male actors in the trick bag. Too bad, most fall for it…

  • Kim

    Tyler needs to stop arching his brows.. he is soo feminine.. and that gay azz dyk suking mouth…LMAOOOO

  • mstarchia


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