Who Got The Juice, Now? The Most Infamous Steroid Users

- By Bossip Staff

The Man is trying to take down Barry Bonds for breaking important white people’s records and using ‘roids to do it. But big headed Barry isn’t the only one.

Here are the most famous *cough* alleged *cough* steroid users. Some say they should be punished, but their shrinking man meat should be punishment enough.

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  • http://2centtab.blogspot.com/ Judah

    Do I have a problem with steroids…yes but for these people to loose lives for it doesnt make to much sense to me.

  • Nana

    Barry Bonds is STILL ma man tho….*shrugs*

  • WHAT

    people not everyone whose rather muscular are entrenched in steroid usage…i for one is quite muscular and i’ve never taken or thought of taking steroids it’s mere eating right, sleeping and taking the necessary proteins – not steroids that’s an absolute no,no…

  • Sally

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  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    Free Barry! Most players in MLB were on steroids at the time. Barry Bonds is being unfairly singled out.

  • Guatemalan forever

    you all sound so racist,when i came to theese kountry i had dreams of taking job of lazy maricones negros,but you cnat take something from lazy negros whin they dont want to work

    • S.a.s.sy24

      take your dumb azz somewhere else

  • such and such

    Yeah heard that too but some these celebs probably have home gyms anyway.

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