BAWLIN’!!!!! NBA Player Carlos Boozer Conned Out Of A Milli In Alleged Investment Scam

- By Bossip Staff

Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer is coming up about a milli short and somebody is gonna pay for it.

Attorneys for Carlos Boozer have filed suit in Miami, alleging that businessman Claudio Osorio ‘‘maliciously’’ squandered a $1 million investment by Boozer in Osorio’s company, InnoVida Holdings, which manufactures components for affordable housing.

Boozer declined to comment on the suit, which also seeks relief from Osorio’s wife, Amarilis, InnoVida’s vice president, and Craig Toll, the company’s chief financial officer.

Boozer and his former wife, Cindy, say the Osorios promised 1,000 percent returns from projects that benefitted disaster-stricken areas.

It was all ‘‘intentionally, maliciously, fraudulently misleading and false,’’ the suit says, adding that ‘‘InnoVida is a defendant to at least 14 known lawsuits, including a blanket lien on the operating factory’s assets.’’

In January 2010, Osorio announced that InnoVida would be providing homes to earthquake-ravaged Haiti at an event that featured former NBA star Alonzo Mourning and retired Gen. Wesley Clark.

InnoVida was taken over by a court-ordered receiver March 3.

Don’t know about you, but we’re thinking fawk a lawsuit… if we were out a million somebody might come up missing. Just sayin’.


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  • Shay_OH

    Usually if someone promises you a return, it’s a scam. Big red flag.

  • Nana

    Where ma Nigerians at????? They know alllllll about Scams…LOL

    O_o I smell insults comin! LMAO

    • foo foo boy

      Right here Nana. Glad I found yo because you have won a million dollars!!! Please just send me an email with your social security number, bank info and I will wire you the money…LOL.

      If somebody promises you a thousand percent return on investment….RUN! If someone promises you a guaranteed profit…RUN


    Don’t these dudes have accounts to advise them and monitor their spending habits?

  • Nana

    LOL @foofoo boy!

  • yt

    LMAO “promised a 1000% return”

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