When The Checks Stop Coming In…

- By Bossip Staff

From Hip Hop heavyweight to …. ? What has Damon Dash been up to exactly?! !

We’ve been wondering the same thing.

Turns out that Damon Dash has opened a vintage clothing store in New York!

Say it ain’t so… this is pure comedy!

“Dame’s store, called The Local 172 Trading Post, will carry lines from Ralph Lauren, Pendelton, LL Bean and Woolrich [what? No House of Dereon?]. The Local 172 Trading Post is scheduled to open March 26 in the same Tribeca building Dame houses his art gallery and recording studio.”

We salute Dash’s attempt to make a pretty penny!


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    Oh, had forgotten about LAME Dash…

    • Lucy

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  • Mrs. Rance

    Well good luck with that Dame. Sooner or later karma is gonna be down with kickin your azz.

  • eliteliberal

    Everyone can’t make it to the big time. However, everyone can make it to the bottom. Everyone, it could be today for Dash and later for someone who’s making fun of him. Life is unpredictable that way.

  • sexylove

    Hey I applaud you man you making an effort and hustling however you can! Do your thing

  • Really

    Team Dame over here I support whatever you do…The way the industry try to do you was real weak…uncle tom move if you tell me but…Keep your head up Dame Im pulling for you to get on top again. We know if you ever get on top somebody is going to be in trouble dont have any sympathy on them.

    • HairRoots

      Dame is a true fighter, he’s never giving up. But I must agree, when success returns, humble yo-self! Team Dame all the way.

  • Toy

    Make that money aint nothing to b ashamed of

  • ms.brilly

    I wish him success. Hope his business venture succeeds. It’s hard to have successful novelty clothing shops in NY. Tribeca is a wealthy neighborhood but I’m not sure if the demand for vintage woolrich is going to be high… I wish him well in his new endeavor

  • http://mobile jphillips

    Dame Dash…that’s my man right there. one of the last REAL n!66@s we got. Y’all shouldn’t let the stories fool y’all…he strait. He kno how to keep dough. my kinda dude.

  • YoungCosby

    Dame has been heading up some REALLY great music projects lately, but because he’s not on that wackworld tip anymore, he’s not getting play. The Black Keys album Blak Roc was FIRE! Cop it asap if you haven’t heard it.

  • Delight23

    well it’s not like there’s work at the post-office (a la Hollywood Shuffle), so make it do what it do…legally

  • Nana

    Fvck all yall Dame is good!!!! Broke azz hoes…..!

  • jimmy blue balls

    This is why black folk will never have sh*te, here is a man who is trying to make some money and all you dummies can do is laugh at him. What a bunch of f*****g losers. All you ever do is pull people down. Well done Blackies!

  • jdmann

    Hard to believe this guy is broke. I can see cash flow problems but not broke, how could he be belly up but Jay worth millions.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    It ain’t that RocNation pay, but at least he eatin’!

  • MyReason

    Well…looks like the checks are still comin’ in…they may not be as big, but they’re still comin’ in.

  • Yeti

    From “fresh to death” to second-hand clothing.

  • Authority Figure

    I recently spent over $1,000 on vintage clothes on EBay. I also pick up quite a bit of contemporary furniture (mostly Danish) from the same types of stores. Its a big market and its for truly savvy collectors and people looking for rare looks. Damon is, and always will be, a smart fellow. Too bag the broke and tired continue to mislabel him.

  • Courtney

    I laughed, but he could be sitting on his a*s doing nothing. So go ‘head Dame. I hope it works for you.

  • Lisa

    Who said he was broke? This man is not broke do you know how much money he made when him and J split? Just because he is not out flaunting it doesn’t mean he is broke.

  • Nicole

    You can tell that you people have no clue and true hoodrats you know nothing about finances, investments and the real world. Vintage clothes are in high demand especially in the modeling districts and high society plus he must be holding some serious investment cash if he has an art gallery. Educate yourselves people the hood mentality is not a good look. SMDH

  • hamp

    this dude has been hanging around my college he even mean mugged me lmao

  • XFactor

    “F” This damn disrepectful ignorant RAPIST… Look it up people… Not to throw stones but this BUM past is oh so FOUL! 😩

  • Brooklyn

    since when did being worth 50 million become a failure smh at some of the comments

  • tommykimon

    Good for him

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