Eigth Ways To Make A (Black) Man Run

- By Bossip Staff

Thanks to the decline in societal morals and values, the quality of men continues to dwindle. Marriage-material can be hard to find and the hounds are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. When you meet that great guy (who respects women other than his mom, loves Jesus, would never hit you and doesn’t have any side chicks) it’s important not to run him away. Like you, he too, has other options.

On the other hand, some of us need to cleanse our love lives and send the dogs packing. So, whether you’re trying to shake a flea or continue to polish your gem, here are a few things to avoid or embrace that deter black men…

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  • jmagic

    The 1st one is be a black woman

    • PrettyLady08

      What you said doesn’t make any sense. Troll

  • JustMeNow

    The second one say you’re pregnant. Black men will run like hell after hearing those words.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    I see you corrected the spelling. Originally, I refused to comment on this article until you fixed the word eight.

    If you want to 1/2 be taken seriously, at LEAST proofread your articles before posting them.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Wait a minute…

    It’s STILL incorrect!

    Whelp, I’m out of here!

  • Whooooah

    I’m not even gonna look at the list,but I know these better be on the list:

    1. Tell him your pregnant
    2. Tell him you want to get married.
    3. Ask him to step up to the plate and actually be “the Man” in the relationship or “the Man” of the house

  • BOONDOCKS Disciple

    #1 Him taking a good look at himself in the mirror, both, LITERALLY, AND FIGURATIVELY! LOL

  • Dilla

    Yeah, I’m not clicking on all those pages either.

  • bbbbb

    Judging from the comments looks like y’all have no faith in Black men. Good thing all the Black men I’ve ever known have been great men (my father and fiance included).

  • QueenLove

    Show him your stretch marks and explained they represent every lover you had.

  • sg

    Be a black woman.

  • joey

    @bbbb……well because black men are monsters…most of them and your fiance will turn out to be one of them too and when that happens, u will not learn ur lesson u will just continue the cycle of the i think black men are great mentality.

    • YokoDMV

      shame on you.

  • PrettyLady08

    Telling him the truth about himself. He will run because he never takes accountability for his actions just blames it on everyone around him. (applies to some not all)

  • bouyant

    help pay the bills? shrugs*

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