Are These The New “Basketball Wives” Cast Members???

- By Bossip Staff

Season 2 of “Basketball Wives” only went off the air a few weeks ago and Shaunie O’Neal is already drumming up interest for season 3, which began taping last week.

Shaunie was a guest on BlogTalkRadio’s “Muthaknows” show earlier this week and she revealed that while rumors that she and her staff have been talking to Kenyon Martin’s longtime boo Trina about joining the show are false, they’d love to have her. Shaunie also said they are still in the process of casting new ladies since Suzy and Gloria are down for the count and not coming back for a third season and Royce’s status on the show is up in the air since that gag order keeps her from reminding folks “who she got” and none of the other b*tches like her anyway…

Shaunie also said she’s watched casting tape of Tanya Williams and finds it really “interesting.”

Williams is currently in the process of a divorce from her batsh*t crazy ex-baller Jayson Williams who is known for murking his limo driver and playing with his piece in a car full of other men. Jayson is currently serving time for the “aggravated assault” of the poor dead driver along with a DWI charge.

Now that’s drama for your mama.

Shaunie also says that as of this week Evelyn will be coming back to the next season but producers are still working out the financial end. She claims she has no say in the pay. Also, regardless of what Shaunie says any of these hoes could end up back on the show at any time because Vh1 signed all of these broads to five season contracts. So There.

As for her role in the drama with Tami and Evelyn, Shaunie blames Ev for telling secrets while the cameras are rolling and says if it was up to her the show would be like “Little House on the Prairie,” but fortunately the editing is in other folks hands. She also says Shaq watches the show and finds it entertaining but she isn’t allowed to laugh at any jokes about Hoopz being an STD factory or she’ll get in trouble.

Listen to the interview HERE.

Would you want to see Tanya Williams or Trina on “Basketball Wives?” Lots of pictures of them below:

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  • katie

    Damn…ugly ain’t even close to that woman. She must have a killer personality

    • Sa.s.sy24

      I don’t think she’s ugly

    • Getem

      The #1 thing that always comes out of a black persons mouth has to be about someone elses looks. This is something you can always expect from people with limited thinking and vocabulary.

    • CAN AM

      Getem…well said.

    • blackjaguaress

      I’ll pretend I don’t know what you meant.You’re right.Ugly ain’t close to her because she’s obviously far from ugly.Real pretty features.

    • britt

      he has bad taste

  • whatever!

    what does shaunie mean she wants the show to be like little house on the prairie? she clearly loves the drama just as much as everyone else and she is an instigator. with her old a**!

  • Tia

    They should put Trina on

  • Raeday

    i love her dreads

    • likostar

      More women should wear their hair like this… it brings out the prettiness in a woman’s features.

    • JaZzIe91

      That could be her real hair color. Some black people have golden hair.

  • Alaina

    What do they mean by playing with his piece with a car full of men? His magic stick?

    • Sexygrandmom

      No, lol,his gun

  • MsTyson

    I would love to see Trina on this show! Now that would give this show “must see tv” status.

  • xoxo

    Trina. I don’t know the other one. Trina seem fun to be around a good host.

  • Nini35

    They both kinda look alike around the eyes,both are pretty women,I like Trina but why should put Trina on there she ain’t no Basketball Wife,she’s just a basketball groupie,instead of naming it Basketball Wives it should be Basketball Wives and Jump-offs

  • Keke

    Shaunie needs to stop acting so innocent! She says things that she knows will get some s*** started ans then will turn around and try to be the peacemaker of an argument that she got started in the first place! I hope they put Trina on so she can put Evelyn in her place!

    • DJ1969

      Right! That’s why I can’t stand Shaunie. She always tries to come across as innocent and dumb when she is clearly the main #1 Shyt Starter. She ain’t fooling no one but herself.

  • jmagic

    how can these bytches be basketball wives,do black women not know just because you let dude hit dont mean your married right

  • Bestfriend2

    Definatly must cast a wife hello? Ain’t that the name of the show? And a pretty one!

  • Tcity

    Do your thing Shaunie it is chess not checkers.

  • JaZzIe91

    The lady with the dreads is mad pretty. She caught my attention. #nohomo

    • JustAshley

      I thought the same thing. #nohomo

    • never 2 much

      I agree. She is naturally beautiful and educated. I’m def going for Tanya Young Williams!

    • Allie


    • blackjaguaress

      I agree!
      Her skin is so pretty.

  • DeeDee_404

    How about they cast a WIFE?

  • L.A. BombShell310

    If Trina tries her luck and happens to get casted… I NO longer will be tuning in. She is not easy on the eyes to me and I hate that she sounds RACHETT 24/7 .

  • N0T_sugar_COATING_NADA

    “TRINA the TRANNY” is weak. Im sure her and Evelyn will be best friends in no time:)

  • moonbeam

    yes yes bring trina on. and jason williams ex on. lol although it wont happen, i would love to see pat ewings wife, john starks wife on here too lol.

  • G

    I think Trina would really b great on the show. She would add even more flava 2 an already good show. Them bytches might low key hate cause they know she bout it-

  • Bohwe

    I think Shaunie should have Pia Sanders as a guest, to demonstrate what a BAD CHICK is all about. When she was on the defunct Football Wives, she owned it, and had all the females hating on her because she was fabolous. I would love to see Evelyn bow down to real Queen. She would make her cry like she did the Fball wives.

    • pinkladee


  • CAN AM

    Tanya Williams is educated. She doesn’t fit in. Besides, she is a real wife. This show is about jump offs. Trina fits in. Also, go get Supa Head.

  • CAN AM

    Can someone explain that Hoopz STD crack please?

  • cotton124

    Trina laugh is priceless.

  • TeamTrina

    I think she would be perfect for the show! She’s fly and gets money. Shaunie make it happen gurl!

  • Rista

    lets just leave the race bashing out of the thread, please

  • deevah


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