WTF??? Drunk Old Fogey Gets Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison After His 16th DUI Conviction!!

- By Bossip Staff

Damn bruh, just can’t leave the sauce alone huh?? SMH

Montgomery County prosecutors said James Steven Corley, 52, was pulled over for a broken taillight and weaving within his lane in August. It was a felony DWI stop. Prosecutors said Corley’s blood alcohol level was .10.

“This defendant is an extremely dangerous driver,” Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepramm said. “Practically every time he’s getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, according to the testimony, he’s driving drunk. He testified that whenever he does it, he doesn’t think about anybody who is on the street with him. It’s all about him. All about getting drunk.”

Corley was sentenced to 99 years in prison. Prosecutors estimate Corley could be up for parole in 10 to 15 years depending on his behavior.

At least this fool will be off the road for at least 10 years. But sounds like with the way he’s been drinkin’ he’ll probably die in prison. Better that than hitting some teenager or pregnant mother head on. We’ll holla…


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  • drenk

    how the hell did he still have his license after the 3rd DWI?

    • It Ain't Trickin If You Got It

      Doubt he had his license. Glad he now sees therte are consequences. He’ll prob smuggle apples from chow and let them rot just to get his sip on.

  • Benzoe88

    the sad thing about this is theirs more people out on the streets thats like him

  • MacMoon

    He was lucky to last that long. I know an 65 year old man that got 25 years for his 4th DUI!

  • Nana

    Hei, some people find their happiness at the bottom of the bottle!

    U go Ol’man! Am rooting for u from outside! Whiles u have fun in there!

  • Daisy Jay

    We’re a confused country.

    Putting a person that obviously needs to be in REHABILITATION behind bars? What will that do? I know this won’t happen, but what if he leaves prison after serving his time? He’ll be having an intimate moment with Ms. Whiskey once again.

    We keep putting people in the wrong places and giving folks the wrong punishments. People on drugs don’t belong in jail. Perhaps it’s wrong to possess them, but they need HELP. Not solitude and a loose @sshole.

  • Unico

    Apparently I posted 5 times with no result. It was about this news.

    • Unico

      Maybe there is therapy where he is going to serve.

  • WHAT

    wow, only in america would an individual be jailed for 99 years for mere DUI (no matter his past calculus of DUI offences)…great justice system

  • AngelBaby

    Seriously He got what He deserves I mean really how many times have we seen ppm go to rehab & it’s still not a tough enough lesson for them & they end up relapsing again. He’s right where he should be.

  • tommykimon

    99 years? Did he kill somebody?
    If not I think he needs to lose his license for life and if he gets caught driving again give him jail time.

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