Racks On Racks On Racks: Nightclub Offers “Boob Job” As Special Prize For Partying There

- By Bossip Staff

It’s some hoes in this house, it’s some hoes in this house…

An Australian nightclub is promoting breast enlargement surgery as a prize in a controversial lottery which has infuriated body image experts, women’s groups and plastic surgeons.

Sin City Nightclub this week launched posters of well-endowed, lingerie-clad women holding a sign saying “Win a boob job worth $10,000.”

Nightclub owner Jamie Pickering said male and female patrons at the April 3 Ibiza-themed party at the heart of the promotion would be given scratchie-style tickets that would give them either minor prizes or, if their scratchie dictated, a chance to enter the ticket in the barrel for the “boob job” draw.

What better way to get people to come party than to give away some brand new t*tties?!? Clearly, this club’s promoter is a marketing GENIUS! *side-eye*

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    lol so what happens if the guy wins

  • All Lightskinned People Breath Stink

    Lol…he gets the $10,000. You obviously didn’t read the whole article and misjudged it before you read it.

    #message (keenan ivory wayans voice)

  • Daisy Jay

    A ton of girls are gonna try to go. Mark my words.

  • Nana

    Hell yeah!!! Am booking ma ticket as we speak…….!

    *screaming*….Australia here I cooooooommmmme!




    • Evil Kim Kardashian

      Shouldn’t you be out somewhere robbing an old person?

  • Evil Kim Kardashian

    I knew this wasn’t a black club because they weren’t giving away free weave.

  • zanecy

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