J-Hud’s Man Isn’t Feelin’ Her New Slimmy-Trimmy Steez

- By Bossip Staff

We’ve been an advocate of Jennifer Hudson’s extreme weight-loss for a while now, but apparently Jenny’s boo isn’t feelin it too tough. J-Hud was on Jay Leno the other night promoting her new album, and Jay asked her what David thought about her new body:

What does your fiancé think, does he like the new svelte you?’ asked Leno. ‘He’s getting adjusted to it. He’s not really into change that much so he fusses at me like, “Why do you have to have to get all dressed up to go out and why can’t you just go out like you used to?” And I’m like “I’m a walking billboard now honey”,’ she said.

SMH. Ain’t nothing wrong with her getting dressed up when she goes out, but we do suggest that she maintains the weight she’s at now…cause ole girl is one Slim Fast shake away from being a Bobblehead.

Here she is performing at AOL Studios this weekend with her skinny swag in full effect!


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  • Twitter @Joy2MikaBunz

    I kinda liking the new J-Hud! Congrats!!! She’s inspiring me! “I’m Every Woman”!

    (Follow me on Twitter: @Joy2MikaBunz)

    • Sally

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      nice experience——-

    • Smart23yroldBlackchick

      Like MOST Black men……they are VERY insecure!!

      Ladies date White men!


    • RHONYC


  • Dont Look Down

    She’s in a great place now Her new cd is Terrific Go Jennifer!

  • Keira

    she really does look like a black BARBIE!No plastic surgery,right?My only thing is she needs to get in the gym and tone up,look how flabby her arms look.

    • Tyrone

      She looks alot better than she did in the past. The weight loss looks great. She is half way there. Now that she has lost the fat she needs to tone her muscles to get rid of the flab in her arms and legs. Based on the way her arms and legs look I am certain her stomach , however flat , is not a good sight. She has alot of loose skin from losing weight so drastically ( probably from surgery).Still , I commend for doing something about her obesity. She looks good.

      Black women do not accept being fat , obese and unhealthy be like Jennifer and do something about it.

  • MacMoon

    Sounds like she is getting the Big Head. Figuratively. And Literally.LOL

    • 100milesperhour

      Big time!

    • http://www.bossip.com Summer

      Somebody needs to tell her the truth: no matter how much weight you lose…you cant lose that fat woman’s face LMAO. Even if she wasn’t famous,you would see her on the street and say to yourself “that b*tch used to be fat.” She’s strutting around like she’s Megan Fox or something…

    • Daffany Rose

      IKR..Her head does look kinda big for her body now..LOL

  • B*tchie

    Who cares. Tired of seein this broad already. DAMN!

    • Hotmami

      Glad someone said it lol

  • drenk

    he is a chubby chaser, he needs a woman that sweats in the winter time

  • MacMoon


  • shane

    i still dont know why she would marry a dude who ran behind ugly azz New York like a lil byyaatch. dude acts gay anyway…

  • Nana

    Translation…….» “B!tch ur looking FOIN of_late and gettin too much attention”……..

    “U bet not fvck no_one beyotch” LMAO

    Sh!t David saw the “Fat jennifer” thru THICK and thin! He will be dammned if b!tch divorces him now she’s “THIN”

  • plunt

    is there anywhere she can get those legs straighten an toned…knocked kneeeeeeee

    • vee

      yeah them knees aint working for me either. and her poses show that she’s very aware that she’s knock- kneed

    • Literature

      Why bother being critical of something that is anatomical and likely can’t be changed even if she wanted to? Start with you. Let’s see some befores and afters of you!

  • ThatBoyFromHouston

    I think she look better when she was fat.

    • lara

      yes a million times @ThatBoyFromHouston

      Men are known to want who they want and just the way they want their partners.
      Men are particular, picky about fat or skinny women.
      Men usually do not change their choices once they say they prefer fat or skinny.

      The fat issues could be a very serious matter–

      JHud is too thin and looks unhealthy. JHud face does not match her body. I do not like looking at her with this new skinny look.

  • wow

    I think there is some insecurity coming in from Punk like most men have when a woman they are with lose a bunch of weight. But also we have to take into account how the weight loss has most likely changed JHuds personality. David got with her when she dressed down a lot and was just your “round the way homegirl”. Now she always feels the need to be glammed up all the time and that’s not what he wanted. I hate to say it…but they probably won’t last long.

  • Tracy

    Here is what you folks don’t get all of the hands on celebs take their kids with them to interviews and on set, most have a nanny along with them, in Jennifer’s case its her sister that travels with her., but the day on the view he was fussy and was crying for her and she decided to take him out with her that’s what real mothers do they put their kids first. I am happy that she keeps her baby with her, hell some of those people take their damn dogs everywhere with them why is it a problem for her. Sandra, JLO,Gwyneth,Halle,Gwen.>en Garner they all do it. If you listen to them on their interviews they always say the kids are in the green room with the husband or Nanny. Get a grip folks this is not a regular 9-5.

  • confidently_ugly

    she looks great! now she just needs to find someone else to write her songs.. she can sang but that “church voice” , in my opinion doesnt fit with the songs written for her. She has a family now and Im all for families staying together but i sincerely feel her husband likes “fishsticks”

  • Ky

    @plunt is tthere any way for you to get your ignorance adjusted?

  • Me

    Go Girl! Don’t go backwards. You look FABULOUS! Her thighs are SO SLIM! OMG!!!

  • Steve

    Just my opinion I thought she looked better with some of the weight

    • Whateva

      I agree. Every man doesn’t want a size 2. Her legs are done. Congrats on the healthy choice but you ain’t on my wannahit list anymore.

    • My2Cent

      3rd that! I’d be happy with a size 10.

  • honey

    Jennifer looks great just like Oprah looked when she lost all that weight. Oprah got slim like that 3 different times but look at her now that much weight messed with her thyroid gland. Anywho her CD I did not care for it one bit and so did my sister who wanted to take it back to the store for a refund. I love the old Jennifer without all that screaming and yelling

  • rosshell

    she looks nice. her head is too big for her body now. also he was use to her having some weight on her he may loved the was she was when he was dating her and when he asked her to marry him. REMEMBER, SHE WAS HEAVY WHEN SHE GOT HIM SO HEY HE MAY WANTED HER TO KEEP A LITTLE WEIGHT. J-Hud dont loose anymore weight please you are a big boned person and you just need a little weight on you.


    I know one thing she promoting the hell out that church cd.

  • Tee

    Having that baby with her on that interview will sell thousands of more records it humanized her. She lost many members of her family of course she wants her little one there in her arms. I don’t believe David is jealous, just dosen’t want her to change into some Hollywood Diva who can’t pick up her own baby for fear that some shallow people will talk about how nonprofessional she is being. I hope she listens, and don’t become shallow and lose her core audience.

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    she looks great now. better a big head than a big gut. dude is insecure. she went up in that one to ten scale and he’s feeling real small right now.

  • nwo

    Don’t let that fool you about having her baby with her to sell cd’s. Most of the audience she is doing promo for are white and they don’t believe in dragging you child around with you doing promo. A child should NOT be all over the place with you promoting. Can you take your child to work. No first that child is not covered insurance wise second you would get fired. Humanized NAW!!

  • Venice

    The weight loss is all well and good, but what’s the point if you’re not going to hit the gym and get some muscle tone? Jennifer’s legs and arms look very “loose” and flabby. Can’t Punk make himself useful and make this girl hit the weights instead of talking shyt?

  • bulldawg

    Punk…no self respecting man calls himself that or allows it. That term is used by men to tease each other about being curly..lol. jhud you need nice dark chocolate brother to hit it!

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