Kush Chronic-les: Shreveport One-Time Pops T*ts Rozay And Eagles Baller Jason Peters For Blowing That Loud

- By Bossip Staff

Officer Ricky reunited with them boys last night in Louisiana last night, but we doubt he was happy about it.

According to reports, Rick Ross and Eagles offensive lineman Jason Peters were both in Shreveport to celebrate DJ Bay Bay’s birthday: Ross as a performer and Peters as Ricky’s guest. They both got popped for blowing that loud… in different ways.

First, let’s talk about Ross — according to police, he was busted last night for possession of marijuana. Cops say they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from his hotel room and when police investigated, they spotted approximately a gram of it in plain view.

He was popped and released on a misdemeanor summons.

Now for Peters … he was busted for a loud music violation and resisting an officer after cops asked him to turn down the music in his car and he refused. Police tell us they asked Peters for his ID several times, but he refused that too. Poor choice.

Unnecessary arrests and rapper street cred for the win. SMH.


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    • rene

      Stop talkng!!! Better yet SU!

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  • I OWN

    I thought Rich False was rich…where is his house in that state?? why u staying on a hotel?

  • Panamanian Miguel

    Damn Kwame Kilpatrick has gone full out thug,guess thats what happens when your the mayor of Detroit

  • UnitedStatesCodeSTFU

    Good job Peters, Fuk the police. I would take a charge rather than take an order from a pig. All they are going to do at the end of the day is go to a racist Irish hole in the wall bar, and brag about how they mistreated blacks the entire shift.

    • harlemworld4eva

      4real!!! You said it!

  • Trini Sazon

    push it to the limit !

  • caper

    teflon don; i bet them italians would of walked they got juice.

  • Uhh Yeah Ok™


  • ghostwriter

    trust me, in shreveport, the police got word that they will be there and they were waiting to bust `em. Rick and ole boy just took the bait. northern louisiana…fill in the blink.

  • Hungry Like duh, Wolf!

    Well, looks like the studio gangsta is having himself a lil thrill in his old stomping grounds.

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