Who Looked More Bangin??? Gabrielle Union Vs. Tatyana Ali

- By Bossip Staff

Gabrielle Union and Tatyana Ali hit up the Launch Event for Nintendo 3DS in Hollyweird this weekend looking quite lovely. We gotta ask….

Who Looked More Bangin???

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  • Raeshelle

    Clearly … Tatiyana Ali

    • Sally

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  • ......

    Tatyana…Gabrielle Union looks like she was just stopping by.

    • RHONYC

      boring times DEUX!
      the black dress is VERY joyce leslie, & gabbie’s ‘en-sem-ble is VERY easy pickins. 😦

  • Allie

    Although i don’t like her shoe choice, tatyana

  • purple love

    In the face its a tie but gabby clearly had somewhere else to be

  • vanessa

    miss ashley banks

  • Tia

    I always think Tatyana wears her dresses a little too long. With her age, height and frame; she could really pull off dresses 2-3 inches shorter. I’m not saying do hoochie dresses but the longer proportions make her look dowdy and older than she is.

  • Nana

    Gabrielle hands down!!!!!!!!

    They are launching a Nintendo game not a dinner party!

    Gabby looks casual

  • Raine


  • veryfunny

    Taty is killing it.

  • ReALiSt!! ... I'm NAT TURNER ToDaY WiTh A UZI!!

    Tatyana is one fugly Island bytch – get her back to the sugarcane plantation already… white dyck loving bytch..

    • OK

      Well if she is from the caribbean then that would explain her preference for white men.

    • schoolteacher7

      Cotton—-SugarCane! What’s the damn difference? Your ancestors never worked in the fields? You know the deal with our history. So what’s that comment suppose to mean? Learn to love who loves you, not who chooses someone else. If I felt that way evrytime I saw a brother with a white woman, I would NEVER be happy. And I wouldn’t be with the brotha I’m with today. Now go put your feet up and drink some damn herbal tea!

    • schoolteacher7

      Oh yes!
      Why would you have Malcolm X as your avatar and you’re calling black women bytches?!

    • ReALiSt!! ... I'm NAT TURNER ToDaY WiTh A UZI!!

      F*ck the Caribbean Islands! – I’ll send a couple of tomahawks to y’all as gifts soon…

  • Cantria

    Tatiana hands down..

  • http://meshaha.blogspot.com/ Mimi

    I have had girl crushes on both ladies since way back but Tatyana slightly edges it for me.

  • Benzy

    Tatyana’s father is indian that’s why she so pretty. Not to mention that full head of gorgeous hair.

  • d.luv


  • alwaysme

    Tatyana is stunning she is such a beautiful girl naturally gorgeous too gabbie is very pretty too but isnt doesnt show in these pics so imma go wit Tatyana. Plus who cares if she dates white guys its her choice.

  • Prettyrenee

    She is an American, born and raised. Her father is Trinidadian and her mother is Panamanian. She is just a descendent. I am Trinidadian, born and raised, and what you just said Realist, offends me. I will never date a white guy. They are just not my cup of tea.

  • Oooh Weee!!

    Tatyana FTW!!! Gabby lookz like somebody’z mom n those shoez… XD XD

  • Panamanian Miguel

    Tatyana of course,shes half panamanian so i have to represent

  • Amber #1

    Tatyana looks beautiful!

  • Ikeepit100!

    Gabrielle….(as long as she stays with Blackmen)

  • IamDC


  • RAW

    Gaby looks old…



  • Another Ali

    her mother is black as tar and from Panama but your country or origin does not make you pretty or ugly. Her father is Indo-Trinidadian, mother Afro-Panamanian. And she is Muslim.

  • jdmann

    Gabby can turn it on when she wants to. Tatyana looks better in the side by side photos but Gabby beats her when they are photoed together.

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