The Swirl: Rick Fox And His Lil Boyish Cakes Still Going Strong

- By Bossip Staff

Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku were seen at Perez Hilton’s blue birthday bash in Hollyweird this weekend. Nice to see that he’s still smashing those lil cakes to smithereens!

Raven Symone was in the building as well…peep more pics below:

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  • Sally

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  • ReallyNotINterested

    This site is operated by a black woman who enjoys posting trash like this!

    • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

      I agree this is garbage.

  • Sam

    Boyish??? Please that girl is hotter than most of the girls that you like or bigup. Jealous much?! LMAO

    • Kammy

      No she isnt she looks like a little boy!! HE needs a real womans body!!

  • huh

    There’s something a bit unremarkable about her outfit..I think I’d prefer to see Rick in something a little darker. This is the best Ive seen Raven look since her big “weight loss”, but i wish she would find a way to rock her natural. Because I see she does keep trying.

  • Shannon

    Goodlooking weak blackman went and got the TRASH of the white race…. LITTLE BOY IN A DRESS

  • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

    Both of these mofos are irrelevant. Rick Fox looks stupid as f*ck with his OLD AZZ and this azz little girl. Nucca stay yo yella azz home and raise yo damn kids. Your 10 year old daughter is sitting around looking at her daddy running around with some White girl who is 2 years older than her.

    • Biship Pimp N. Hoez

      ROFL damn u went hard

    • Tyrone

      I usually do not like boombooms comments but that was funny.

  • ethopianpride77

    fuk these white women im on my way to brasil for a real blk sista..i heard the love blk men out there

  • 5150

    He’s biracial so it is NOT swirling!

    • Mixed Chick

      Oh yeah, it’s swirling alright, it is only not swirling when both parties are white.

  • Gretchen

    I still say Vanessa Williams looks better than this chick.

    • Boomboomroom Wash your face wit da cake soap Chile so you can become brighter!!

      Me too!! Better face, better body. And believe me ain’t NOBODY crying over this BLACK WOMAN’S OLD AZZ SLOPPY SECONDS. Vanessa’s been there and done that. And her career is “poppin more” than THIS CHICKS!! This nucca is THE ONE GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK!! When she MARRIES HIM, DIVORCES HIM, then takes HIS MONEY and gets a White man her own age.

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa...

    I like her skirt.

    But a lot of you who so called dislike black women (understatement of the year) always have black women on your brains and in your mouths… seriously why??

  • southern twist

    Good for them!

  • southern twist

    @ gem

    I have never seen a bunch of whack lame men in my life … I understand women going in but men they are more bitter than the chicks!!!! They must be unhappy with there own lives and women… sad only unhappy people always saying something negative

  • CubaLinda

    He’s dating her? I luv her always thought she was a cute white girl, esp those dimples… But he aint so fine at all!! He’s not aging well either…

  • Alonzo

    Melo stop using the name of Tyrone to talk about Lala.

  • Chocolate

    She’s a nice girl who is totally in love with Rick and it shows. I don’t know if he feels the same way though I hope he does. Rick was married to two black women and now he wants to try something different and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • kay

    man some of ya’ll are really bitter.
    it’s all well and good to hate behind your computers when you’re anonymous huh would love to see how cute you all are standing next to her

  • Buffy Fan

    I love Eliza & Rick together!

  • starlight

    she is really ugly she looks sick

  • tanya12

    White girls love half breeds!

  • hezeone

    I dont see no Swirl in that. Dude looks white (cheek, nose, hair etc.), except the skin color 🙂

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